Peanut Butter Protein Bites

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In order to be healthy we have to take the time to do so. We have to make an effort to eat better and cleaner and workout and stay active. This isn’t always easy especially those of us who work weird hours or commute long period of times. There is always a way though and today I decided I needed to start back up onRead Now

Flourless Brownies

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I have the whole week off and I have been spending time with my bestie and her twins my niece and nephew. We decided to come together on some food collaborations so I could post them to my blog and the results were marvelous. Two items I have the recipes for you all, another yummy food item is still in the works and will soonRead Now

Time Out Cafe & Eatery | Lowell, MA

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I had heard of this place before but never had the opportunity to eat here. Time Out Cafe & Eatery is located right on Merrimack St in Downtown Lowell like many other wonderful restaurants they have a nice chill spot to eat wonderful food and to relax. They have a variety of food and drinks but I had their wonderfully authentic Hispanic food. Everything fromRead Now