The 4 Things You Need to Know About at Home Teeth Whitening

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All of the things are happening in this New Year including being able to test out some new products which includes an epic teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant.ย If I am being honest, I actually fell in love with the kit, the process and it actually works. They really focus on how you are feeling, if your teeth are sensitive and work with you untilRead Now

The 5 Winter Essentials You Need Right Now


While the official start date of winter is December 21st, it feels its just around the corner with the weather we’ve been having. ( Thanksgiving in New England this year was one of the coldest in many years) Brrr!ย  Tis’ the season to bundle up! Here in New England we often feel we are wearing a thousand layers just to stay warm but sometimes youRead Now

5 Ways to Effortlessly Transition from Summer to Fall Style


“August is like the Sunday of Summer” It’s hard to believe it is already the end of August and the start of Pumpkin everything is everywhere. This summer seemed to dash by, and while filled with lots of adventures and memories still seemed too short. While it is still warm out there, the hints of fall are starting to show themselves with the cooler nights,Read Now

How to Layer for Spring | Get Rid of that Bulk!

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While Spring has been deciding whether to stay or go in New England I have been coming up with some fun looks forย  the season which included some bold colors, fun layers and versatile shoes. Over the years my fashion choices have gotten bolder and the options broader. I do my shopping across the board from small local boutiques to large scale stores and thenRead Now