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I had heard of this place before but never had the opportunity to eat here. Time Out Cafe & Eatery is located right on Merrimack St in Downtown Lowell like many other wonderful restaurants they have a nice chill spot to eat wonderful food and to relax. They have a variety of food and drinks but I had their wonderfully authentic Hispanic food. Everything from Mofongo to Arroz con Gandules.

To give you all a little history lesson, Mofongo is a fried-plantain based dish , Afro-Puerto Rican in origin with clear roots in the West African Fufu. Typically its made of mashed fried green plantains, garlic, olive oil, chicharron, and broth. Arroz con Gandules is Rice with Pigeon peas. These have always been my preference rather than just regular green peas.

I have to say that Time Out made these extremely well and the flavor of the Mofongo brought me back to my Puerto Rican roots. Their lemonade and Passion fruit juice were wonderful. I cant wait to go back and try more of their authentic dishes and really delve further into the rich, flavorful goodness that is Hispanic food.

Enjoy the pictures, if you are in the area try them out.

Quite an extensive Menu
Quite an extensive Menu
Layout of the Restaurant
Layout of the Restaurant
Arroz con Gandules, Sweet Plantain,                                         & Cerdo (Pork)
Mofongo con Camarones (Shrimp)

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