Top Donut – Dracut, MA

My first entry into the Donut Diaries is going to be a shop that I have been going to for years, recently they opened up another location in Dracut that is also just a really pretty cafe as well. They have more specialty donuts than the original location on Aiken Street in Lowell and this donut was INCREDIBLE.

I went with the Oreo Donut because oreo is a favorite, and when I first saw it I said to myself that the frosting looked a lot like the filling they put into the marshmallow-filled donut ( which is my original favorite). I WAS RIGHT.

The donut is a chocolate glazed donut, super moist with a coating of oreo cookie crumbles. It is then topped with marshmallow frosting and an Oreo cookie. SO GOOD.

Location: 1895 Lakeview Ave, Dracut, MA


The Maven


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