Must Visit Donut Shop in Windham, NH

I was first introduced to Klemm’s by a friend who moved to New Hampshire and asked me, “have you been to Klemm’s Bakery?” I hadn’t, so we dropped everything, as one does when trying a new donut shop and we went up to visit.  Klemm’s is a small but busy bakery boasting a whole lot more than just donuts. They have a large variety of cookies, pastries and more – but don’t let this fool you into thinking that the donuts are any less great just because the focus isn’t just on donuts.

Fluffy, doughy and delicious, Klemm’s does a classic yeast raised donut with delicious fillings, though you can get non filled donuts as well (if you must). One of my favorites is the jelly and vanilla cream filled donut which always leaves me wanting more of it and more often than not I do go back for more haha! Klemm’s Bakery has been open since 1978 and has evolved over the decades by continuing to provide all sorts of baked goods to their customers and eventually grew into providing baked goods for large scale customers like restaurants and other businesses. As someone who highlights small business quite a bit, it is always great to see a story like this of a long standing small business providing great items for their community!

This spot is Maven approved and a welcome addition to the donut diaries. Let me know in the comments if you have been and make sure to check them out!



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