6 Things You Have to Try in Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod, where relaxing is a work of art

In the last few months, we have been to Cape Cod twice, and I am writing this in reverse. Our first time was our very first time ever in the Cape and it was lovely, but there is so much I need to write about that trip that I have been taking my time. This trip was lovely as well, relaxing, and had everything needed for the local to home getaway that most of us are going for these days.

We managed to visit six different places during our stay in the Yarmouth area ( including food) and it was just enough to fill our days with adventuring and just enough relaxing in the evenings. Here are the 6 Things You Have to Try in Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA.

Captain Farris House | 308 Old Main St. S. Yarmouth, MA

Our home for the weekend was the lovely Captain Farris House, a beautiful, romantic bed and breakfast situated right on old main street in South Yarmouth. It was cozy, inviting and the owner’s Carol and Jeff were far too kind. They took care of us and the rest of their guests beautifully and made sure everything needed was taken care of.

Their inn offered multiple amenities including a two-course breakfast each day of our stay. These are not your usual grab-and-go breakfast you think of continental style in hotels, no this was a thought-out menu filled with delicious food. I also loved how they alternate savory and sweet on the weekends. They also have this incredible app that guides you around, you download it onto your phone and it has places to eat, where to go, and more; easy access and user-friendly. Their Covid practices were also on lock and they made sure everything was sparkling clean and sanitized; they detailed this in their app as well.

The inn itself has a great seating area, a couple of eating areas; one fancier dining room, and then a glorious light-filled eating area that has a glass roof. The dining room doubles as the area where they serve Afternoon Tea which gave us sincere nostalgic London vibes. The room we stayed in was Bray’s Retreat which offered up a King size bed, seating area, rainfall shower, and jacuzzi. That jacuzzi was incredible and was ultra-relaxing. We will be back AND bring others, we truly enjoyed every minute we spent there.

Old Yarmouth Inn | 223 MA-6A Yarmouth Port, MA

Our first night we had a late dinner at the Old Yarmouth Inn. I had called when we arrived at our B&B and they fit us in for a late reservation. When we went they were having a pre-fixe menu plus their usual a la carte menu and it ended up being such a fantastic deal. This inn has been around since 1696 which is insane when you think about it, it was so cool to walk through the restaurant and wonder about the history while eating.

There seemed to be a lot of locals and everyone knew each other’s name ( I promise it isn’t a Cheers reference). 🙂 It was cozy and everyone was super kind from the beginning until the end.

I ended up ordering the three-course pre-fixe dinner and hubby ordered a la carte and phew it was was delicious. I loved that I was able to get a delicious appetizer, entree, and dessert for around forty dollars and was completely satisfied at the end of the meal.

Here is what we ordered:

Short Rib Arancini

Fig and Mascarpone Ravioli

Lobster Pappardelle

Key Lime Pie w/Raspberry Coulis

Whydah Pirate Museum | 674 MA-28 West Yarmouth, MA

Let me put a disclaimer that the excitement we felt for this was kid-worthy. We both love history and pirate history? Forget about it. It was SO cool to walk into a museum and feel like you were walking into the unknown. We bought our tickets and then we had to wait as there were a limited amount of people they let through at a time, at some point ( like right at the beginning) you cannot take photos. It was so secretive but I totally get it. There is a real pirate treasure in this magical place, so many items they found from the Whydah (the name of the pirate ship whose captain was Sam Bellamy) and there is a whole area where they show you how they take the concretions ( the rock-like formations that preserve what’s inside) and get everything inside and then we were able to hold a coin. A REAL COIN FROM A PIRATE SHIP Y’ALL. Okay kid moment over, but for real I was too exciting. We loved every minute of it.

On another note, another great history listen is that the Whydah started as a slave ship before it was a pirate ship, so they really went into detail about this history. They went into detail on the contributions Black and Brown folks made, how pirate ships were the perfect equitable system ( everyone was equal) and something that stood out to me was that Black men often chose piracy to get out of slavery. Even though it was dangerous, it was better to be a free man than to be a slave. Honestly, it was such a great visit and I recommend you visit to learn something new.

Grey’s Beach | Yarmouth Port, MA

We came here to explore the boardwalk. Ever since we went to the Boardwalk in Sandwich, MA ( on our earlier trip to the cape) I have been wanting to explore more. This one was so beautiful and although incredibly windy and chilly a great little visit and walk.

Jerry’s Seafood & Dairy Freeze | 54 MA-28, West Yarmouth, MA 

After our incredibly cold and windy visit to Grey’s beach, we headed to Jerry’s for some clam chowder to warm up. We had seen it on the way earlier and figured we would stop by and check it out. We ordered a quick snack of clam chowder and a lobster roll. It hit the spot, the clam chowder was super tasty and so comforting and the lobster roll was really yummy. It was quite different than what we have had before because the dressing on the lobster was different. Great spot, would love to check it out in the warmer months too.

The Jerk Cafe | 1319A MA-28 #4453, South Yarmouth, MA

Our last dinner in the area was takeout from The Jerk Cafe, a local Caribbean spot. It was around the corner from the B&B so we drove over, placed our order, and then waited until it was done. We ordered the Jerk Chicken and Pork Combo with sides of Rice & Beans + the Banana Fritata.

I was completely obsessed with the banana fritata and the house hot sauce that came with the feel. Everything was super yummy and a great spot for takeout. They also sell sauces on site that are made in-house.

All in all a great visit to the Cape. There is just something about going that makes me feel incredibly peaceful and serene. Even the drives around town are beautiful and picturesque if you have never been, even for a day trip go check it out and see what it has to offer. This year we want to check out Provincetown and Orleans another two cape spots on the list!


Travel well & support local.


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