Planted Donuts – Lowell, MA

One of the best ways to celebrate is by eating a donut.

What better way to come back to writing than to start with a bang with a donut post? Its a good one ya’ll! Last year I had the opportunity to be part of their growth and business and I am so happy that I will continue that partnership this year, but lets get down to these donuts, this business and what they are about!

What sets Planted Donuts apart from the rest is that they are a vegan donut  business, focused on providing plant based donut options to those who would otherwise not be able to eat donuts. Not only that, but these babies are baked which provides this gorgeous, fluffy texture and honestly the taste of all of them are  a hug favorite.

When I met Founder, Owner and all star baker Julie Freitas, I knew I would love supporting this woman-owned business and I am happy to say that their growth has been such a fun thing to watch and I cannot wait to stuff my face with more of their donuts soon. They are doing a variety of pop-ups plus you can find their donuts at the following locations:

Roasted Coffee Bar – Haverhill, MA

KJ’s Caffe – Both the Chelmsford, MA and Acton, MA locations

Here are some donut photos (the best part besides eating them), make sure to follow along on their social media so you know where to find them next and support this woman-owned donut business!

Chocolate glazed with sprinkles is delicious!

Even their plain donuts are amazing!


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