1981 Ramen Bar | Lowell, MA

When I heard that Lowell was getting our very own Ramen place I was ecstatic. Literally. I immediately followed them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter waiting for every single update. Once they opened for a test kitchen run I wasn’t able to make it but then their grand opening was a few days ago and after an incredible event at Humanity Lowell which is right across the street, me and the hubs decided to check out 1981 Ramen Bar.

Can I just say…wow! It was everything I expected it to be and more. It was also slightly nostalgic because I remember coming to Mambo Grill often which is what used to be here and to that point, they had a wonderful portrait of the old spot up on a shelf next to the bar. Great homage guys!

They have this great Menu¬†with wonderful flavors pulling ideas from different backgrounds not just Asian. I love this about them. The service was great and I can’t wait until I get to go again, another great restaurant to grace the wonderful streets of Downtown Lowell.


Pork Belly Confit Steamed Baos

Pork Belly, house kimchi, scallion & Aioli wrapped in a wonderfully steamed bun



Tonkotsu Ramen

48 hour pork broth, confit berkshire pork belly, marinated egg, pickled shitake mushrom, black garlic mayu ( Spicy Version)

Smoked Chicken Ramen

Chicken broth, smoked brick chicken, marinated egg, brown butter corn & pickle radish




Apple Cinnamon Rolls


Eating Well,



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