That Smoky Burger…

I had been browsing online for some good Burger Recipes to get inspired because I wanted to try Bison for the first time. Went to the store, no Bison so I went with Turkey. Honestly this is the beat Burger I have ever made. I took different ideas and just made it my own.

The end result was a juicy,flavorful Burger where you wouldn’t even miss red meat. Hope you enjoy eating and making this as much as I did. I made these into small sliders but you can make them into regular sized burgers.

Smoked Gouda Turkey Burger


1 Pound Lean Ground Turkey ( I did 93% lean)
1 Small Spanish onion
1/2 Cup Smoke Gouda Cheese diced ( I bought a small wheel and just cut it up)
Sea salt


Dice the onions and saute them in olive oil until translucent. Dice the Gouda cheese. Mix both into ground Turkey along with a few grinds of sea salt and pepper.


Form into small patties and do an impression in the middle to retain shape while cooking.

Don’t mix or mush too much or burgers will be tough.

I fried my burgers in olive oil


You can grill them if you prefer.

Took about 10-15 min lower heat on each side.

The end result was an explosion of flavor and juicy!


Hope you Enjoy!!




  1. I am def going to try that. Never thought of adding a smoked cheese. And still make sure you try the bison…its good!

    1. Adding it straight to the mix along with the caramelized onions just compounded the flavors. Other strong cheeses would work to, like maybe a smoked Applewood Bacon cheese or something like that 🙂 Try it and let me know what you think!

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