Spiced Baked Shrimp

For many years I have worked/work with an Indian family,helping them out with their kids and around the house. Over the course of all these years I was introduced to Authentic Bengali cuisine and fell immediately in love. Her and her mom make the most outstanding food and are constantly incorporating the spices I used in this Shrimp dish in many of their homemade authentic dishes. My favorites in that house are Paneer, Rajma, Dal & Coriander Chutney (this isn’t a dish but it is the most amazing thing ever) 🙂

Each time I use spices such as Coriander, Curry & Turmeric I am reminded of these dishes and I feel a slight homage is paid to their wonderfully authentic cooking. Soon I hope to write a blog post of my experience making several Bengali dishes on my own for the first time and hope you all enjoy them as much as I have.

To me Indian food is all about the Aroma, the depth of flavor and the senses that come upon you when you have your first bite of food. I hope you all enjoy this simple, yet flavorful recipe that is also extremely healthy.

Spiced Baked Shrimp

1 Package All Natural Medium Shrimp (Peeled & Deveined)

1 Tsp Cumin

1 Tsp Curry Powder

1/2 Tsp Turmeric

2-3 Dashes of Chili Powder (more if you want a spicier flavor)

2 Dashes Black Pepper & Sea Salt

2 Tbs Olive Oil


Thaw shrimp, put oil in baking dish. Put the Shrimp into the baking dish with all the spices and stir together until everything is evenly coated. Cover with aluminum and bake for 10-12 minutes. Enjoy with steamed vegetables or over brown rice for a healthier option.

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  1. Lovely shrimp recipe. I’ll will try this in a few days.

    1. So glad you like it,let me know how it goes.?

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