Tasty Dumplings – Lowell, MA

Soup Dumplings are little pockets of heaven

In anything, consistency is key. This goes for food as well in my book- if you go somewhere 10 times and each time it is the same or better, then you have found a gem of a place. Tasty Dumplings in Lowell, Massachusetts is one of these places. Tucked away on a corner of Market Street, it has become one of my favorite Chinese restaurants because of how delicious and consistent everything always is.

They are known for the Xiao Long Bao or “Soup Dumplings” which are dumplings filled with meat and broth. They have a chewy, soft exterior and the interior is filled with scalding hot but incredibly flavorful broth and delicious meat. (Either pork or pork and crab at Tasty Dumplings) They also have a large array of potstickers (pan fried dumplings), rice dishes, noodle dishes and more. I have heard they compete with the soup dumplings of the famous places in Boston, and I can’t wait to find that out, but for now I will live in the heaven that is having a spot like this five minutes from my house.

I also love walking in to the restaurant and seeing the folks behind the curtain preparing the dumplings from scratch; the hustle and bustle of the kitchen has always intrigued me. More than just food, I love learning about the people behind the food, watching them work and how they relate to their food and restaurant. It makes me feel like I have come to the right place, especially when trying ethnic food.

So where did Xiao Long Bao originate and how did they get their name? Their name comes from the steaming basket they are prepared in “xiaolong”, and they originated in ChangzhouJiangsu province, by Wan Hua Tea House in the years of Daoguang Emperor (1820 to 1850). Xiaolongbao evolved from the guantangbao (soup-filled dumplings/buns) from KaifengHenan province, the capital city of Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960–1127). (Link to Wiki article here)

If you want to try something new, and dont know where to start, go to Tasty Dumplings and try a taste of the delightful soup dumplings. You wont regret it! Keep scrolling for photos, some additional food favorites there and tips on how I eat the soup dumplings!

Pork & Crab XLB

Love the steam from the basket!

Potstickers are perfect

Sweet sesame balls for dessert

Pork XLB, the original OG’s

Shrimp Shumai


Tips and other favorites

  • Hot &Sour Soup
  • Mala Hotpot
  • Scallion Pancakes are the best in the city!

–> When eating the soup dumplings I take a bite of the corner to let it slightly cool down before eating the whole thing. I didnt invent this tip for sure, but wanted to share.

Hope you all have a chance to check them out and let me know if you do below in the comments!


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