Half Baked Café – Beverly, MA

Phew  Mavens, its been a while, I moved into a new loft, and have been BUSY…but I am back with another entry into the Donut Diaries that will have you getting in your car and rushing to get these beauties.

Half Baked Café in Beverly, MA is a cute little café that has a variety of breakfast and lunch items. They also have donuts, lots of them and I had seen them floating around on Instagram. So one Saturday, like I often do, I jumped in in the car and went on a little road trip to check their donuts out. I placed an order online, with the flavors I wanted and when I arrived, they were boxed up and ready for me. Honestly, I do not even know where to begin, because all of them were good. My donut methodology (look it up it is a thing) is to take a bite/cut a piece of each donut. Whichever one is my favorite, out of all those bites is the one I settle on to eat in its entirety. At Half Baked Café it was the Blueberry Pancake Donut, it was mapley and blueberry filled and tasted exactly how it should.

The other donuts that I tried were the following:

  • Oreo Double Stuffed
  • Beverly Cream
  • Salted Toffee
  • Fruity one (cant remember but think it was blackberry)

Every single donut was perfect. I had no complaints. Plus all the donuts are nut free.  Honestly check out the photos but then get your butt over to this café, because its going to be one of the best donut stops you’ve made.



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