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Chef’s are at the heart of the global food system. They bridge the gap between farm and fork.

Greenleaf is an experience. Every single dish you eat makes your taste buds dance with glee and makes you realize how different the food is at a farm to table restaurant. Food has always been an experience for me, and maybe I am just different but I feel actual joy when I eat good food. It makes me happy and makes me yearn to keep exploring the world just the way I’ve been so I can have as much as it offers. The fact that this restaurant is practically in my backyard makes me even happier.

I had heard about Greenleaf from a fellow food writer and had been anxiously waiting until we could try it. Then the pandemic hit and my wait was extended an extra three months. My oh my was it worth the wait.

Greenleaf is a New American Upscale dining establishment opened last year in May. Chef/Owner Christopher Viaud told me the concept came about because he was ready to take the next step in his culinary career and open up a brick and mortar. He had previously been very successful in creating “The Farmers Dinners” which were high-end catering dining experiences done in open fields on farms.

This location opened up and it has such an incredible history behind it. This corner building in Milford is a historic bank building dating back to the mid to late 1800s. The restaurant was actually named after its architect, Luther Greenleaf. When his original blueprints were found, dating back to 1909 it was felt that the name was synonymous with the brand that they wanted to create. With its minimalistic look focusing on the history of the bank and the walls showcasing photos donated from the historical society, Greenleaf brings the Milford community to the center of this restaurant while focusing on farm centric food.  Chef Viaud started to reach out to his previous farmer contacts and developing new relationships with other farmers to showcase and highlight locally sourced food. One thing that Chef Viaud pointed out was that the menu guides you throughout the seasons. I loved the idea of continuous sustainability and support of local farmers.

While Chef Viaud is the sole owner, he is quick to point out it was a team effort to get Greenleaf to where it is today. He has done a wonderful job creating this space and continuing to take it to new heights. Greenleaf is also a proud Black-owned business and promotes inclusivity for all. While I have always highlighted restaurants and businesses of all backgrounds, I want to continue to shine a spotlight on Black and Brown owned businesses. Our culture, our country is made up of people of all backgrounds and it is incredibly important to me that these restaurants are getting their due.

We had an incredible meal and honestly I cannot pick a favorite part of the meal because everything was delicious and gave me a different feeling. So let’s get right into the food.


  • Housemade bread | Molasses honey butter
  • Mushroom Toast | Ramp, fiddlehead, radish, cashew
  • Local Cheeseboard | Fiddlehead, cranberry, brioche, honeycomb
  • Hand-cut french fries | Roasted garlic


  • Chicken | Buttermilk biscuit, tomato, cucumber, chive
  • Pea Gnocchi | Italian sausage, tomato, arugula, pearl onion
  • Housemade corn tortellini | Pork belly, mushroom, basil, jalapeño, tomato


  • Cheesecake | Rhubarb puree, mixed nut granola
  • Lemon Pavlova | Strawberry, basil, almond

Now look at these PHOTOS 🙂

This cranberry puree was EVERYTHING

See that drizzle of honeycomb? It was perfect with the sharpness of cranberry & cheeses

Honestly, this garlic was everything, plus the fries were perfect

The attention to detail was at the forefront of every dish

Absolutely stunning presentation

The corn tortellini was perfect and the pork belly so flavorful

These tomatoes were everything

The Pea Gnocchi, which was my dish was incredible. The gnocchi melted in my mouth

Again those tomatoes and these peas were so fresh!

Can I talk about this butter for a minute? It was velvety smooth and went perfect with the bread


Now before we get into dessert, which I know you’re all waiting for I first need to say how much I loved them. The combination of flavors, the tartness, the sweetness. I have to say, these are some of the best desserts I have had in my life. Period.


The lemon pavlova melted in your mouth. The lemon curd was tart and complemented the fresh berries well. Also, basil puree was the perfect addition. I love basil and it was the perfect component to this dessert.

The cheesecake was smooth and sultry, the crust was one of the best crusts I have had, and the rhubarb tartness went perfectly with the cheese


The interior of Greenleaf was beautiful and like I said before the minimalism of the decor; the blueprints and using the bank’s architecture within the decor was a great touch.


The safe door. I loved this touch. Do you see my reflection? 🙂

One of the beautiful corners of the restaurant

Loved this beautiful bar area.

Our experience at Greenleaf was everything we expected and more. Chef Viaud has a beautiful place in Milford and I cannot wait to go back to try other seasonal menus. Thank you Chef for a beautiful meal.


Until next time,

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