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Meet me at Stones Social

For years Cobblestones in Lowell and Moonstones in Chelmsford have filled us with good vibes, great brunch, delicious dinners, and a sense of community. In their newest venture over the border in Nashua New Hampshire, the Plath family have brought a combination of their restaurants into the cool, hip, and electric place that is Stones Social.

Immediately upon walking in you are greeted with bright colors, cozy corners, and a delicious bar area. Literally my favorite area is to the left when you first walk in because of the bright teal sideboard under the bar menu.  (It’s the little things, right? 🙂 ) Scott and his family invited us in to check it out before it opened officially and we were blown away by the food and the cocktails. UGH, the cocktails were incredible, but more on that later.

I have always loved restaurants that also have a passion for their communities and focus on really supporting those around them. The Plath’s have been doing this in Lowell and Chelmsford for a long time now and I know they will continue this legacy in Nashua as well. Over the years as I have gotten closer to the food scene here I have often marveled at how much I hear about them in local news and on social media. During the pandemic, they really went into support mode trying to get their staff the help they needed while also adapting to the new world around them. For three months Cobblestones shut down while Moonstones became the main spot for takeout and they created a fund for their employees. The level of adaptability they showed was awe-inspiring and what many around them in the restaurant industry locally were doing as well. At some point this summer I also want to write about these other two locations because they are each unique in their own way, but I wanted to give a shout out to the amazing resilience I saw from the Stones Hospitality Group during this time because it was great to see.

So what can I say about Stones Social? Well, it reminds me of somewhere I would step into after I spent the whole day walking through European cities. It has that kind of vibe to me. It’s a great place to meet with friends, go on a date night, or go for a solo adventure with a great cocktail in hand.

So let’s get down to the food and drinks. Because we all know the Maven likes to get down with some good food and a delicious craft cocktail in hand. We had the distinct privilege of being there while the staff was learning about the menu, so it was great to have our ear to the ground so to speak with some delicious eats and how the Chef created some of these beauties.

We tried a sampling of several items on the menu and everything was so delicious. There were some pretty inventive things on the menu too like the Mushroom Jerky ( meatless) which was super cool. Also the pickled veggies- just do yourself a favor and get those already.

Things we tried | Names below directly from the menu


Pink Drink


Jar Snacks:

BBQ Chips

House Pickles

Mushroom Jerky

Sesame Furikake Popcorn


Lime in the Coconut

Wood-Fired Skillets:

Smoke-Kissed Wings

There will be Gluten:

#1 Burger

Old School Grilled Cheese

Supper Time:

Southern (NH) Fried Chicken


Take a peek at these delicious photos and then run over to try them yourself at Stones Social.

Love this area and I am obsessed with that sideboard

Loved the little details

Loving the mural on their statement wall

These details man…

Are you ready for all the drink pictures? I fell in love with the bar area and how inviting it was. These drinks were incredible!

Shaking up our drinks with reckless abandon and a  whole lot of fun:)

That triple pour though…

Finishing up the Pink Drink with a Passion fruit spray

Pink Drink & Painkiller

Next, take a look at all the yummy food pictures…and don’t drool all over your electronics. HAHAHA

This popcorn is flavor goals, hits you just right and so tasty

Can I talk about how BBQ these chips were?

The #1 Burger was the stuff of dreams….incredibly nostalgic. You’ll understand when you bite into it.

All the sauce and perfectly delicious

I wanted the house pickles all to myself. The pickled carrots??? OMG

Right in the center of all this goodness was that mushroom jerky. INSANE

I was living for the broth of this soup. So fresh, tart and tasty

Scott giving us all the fried chicken.

This fried chicken was super tasty, juicy and crispy

These wings were so addictive and tasty

The rustic grilled cheese was gooey and had the most perfect bread. So tasty!


They really took the time to create cozy spaces and great decor. I loved the small touches of light and color throughout the restaurant.

Loved this!

I love lights like these

Who wouldn’t want to sit in this cozy corner?


Thanks so much for having us Scott, Family, and team. It was a pleasure to get to know the restaurant, what you’re offering, and how you’re heading deeper into the community. Until next time…Meet me at Stones Social



Life as a Maven


*All photography was done by @lifeasamaven and @crouchingshutterhiddenmirror photography


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