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I am a storyteller. My superpower is bringing the story of color to life and helping bring your story to life through color – Queen Allotey-Pappoe

Chatting with the Queen herself from Queen Adeline in Lowell Massachusetts is like sitting down for a chat with your best friend. With her energy reaching every inch of her bright, colorful studio at Western Ave Studios she exudes a feeling that all are welcome into her space. Queen made me feel like a powerhouse even though I had only just met her and that feeling, as a woman is indescribable.

Queen Adeline is a sustainable fashion brand focused on fit, versatility, and giving back to the country of origin of the owner, Ghana. The fabrics are vibrant, with a story flowing through each of them. Queen told me about one of her fabrics. This fabric is different shades of blue and has circle shapes throughout incorporating different sizes. The story of the fabric is that everything has a ripple effect. What you give out to the universe creates ripples which then, in turn, affect other people. As you gaze at the fabric and see the smaller circles and larger circles you can see this in your head. It was like if you keep dropping pebbles into the water and it keeps rippling out. Queen told me how this is reflected in her brand logo as well, with the increasing size of the circles.

The story of the fabric is that everything has a ripple effect

Queen Adeline has something for everyone and celebrates the vibrancy of women. Every time I put on one of her pieces I feel transformed and somehow more confident. One of the best quotes I heard about her clothing was during a photoshoot I had with her and two other models. A dear friend and another local business owner Ani said that the dress she put on made her feel like a diplomat, which in my opinion is one of the best quotes I have heard about clothing. Honestly, anything that makes you feel confident about yourself is a win in my book and no matter what feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in is golden.

When Queen Allotey-Pappoe talks about sustainability within her brand it is more than just a word. She focuses on reducing waste like not using zippers if they aren’t needed and using each piece of fabric to its full extent. Her pieces work hard for you and they are long-lasting. These days “fast fashion” is one of the largest pollutants of our world and has a vast carbon footprint. She wants to and continues to do her part by making sure her carbon footprint in the fashion world is as small as possible. Once you buy a Queen Adeline piece you have that piece for a very long time and this creates a ripple effect in the world of fashion and beyond.

Crafting ready to wear, mostly women’s clothing means creating vibrant statement pieces for Queen’s brand. Her heritage flows from her soul into her clothing and you feel that while you’re wearing her pieces. Her ready to wear couture is made from 100% wax cotton print textiles and other biodegradable fibers sourced from Ghana. A piece from Queen’s collection means also means versatility. There are some pieces in her the collection that transform from dress to skirt to duster; three pieces in one. Not only are the pieces versatile but they look incredibly different in each iteration plus they can be worn year-round.

I had the honor of wearing her gorgeous clothing during a photoshoot recently and I loved getting behind the camera to capture art on clothing. Because that is what she creates; art. I hope you will scroll through the beautiful photos and go visit her website so you too can buy some wearable art and have a long-lasting impact on the fashion world.

*All photography by @lifeasamaven


The woman herself | Queen Allotey-Pappoe

Model : Ani Vong of Humanity | Hekaa Kimono Jacket : Queen

Left to Right: Amorkor Shirt Dress, New Yolo Line, Manye Vest

Model: Angelica Brown | Hekaa Kimono Jacket: Queen Adeline Collection

You Only Live Once Line | Can I say how much I obsessed over this line? OBSESSED

The hair ties are everything as well. It adds such color to your hair!

Minshe (Joy) Dress from new YOLO collection

The Maven & The Queen


The new pieces Queen has just created for her YOLO line ( You Only Live Once) are pieces that can switch from day to evening fast. Style it like the Maven with some sneaks and belted or crop and slides. Or fancy it up with some heels like Angelica and you have a date night or girls night outfit. Either way, you will be the best dressed with less stress 🙂

I fell in love with every piece of clothing I photographed and know her clothing will be on my social media feeds for a very long time, and for that I am grateful

Signing off for now,

Life as a Maven


*During this photoshoot we practiced social distancing as much as possible and whatever touch we did was quick and for the photos. We wore our masks entering the studio and exiting. Please stay safe. xoxo, The Maven.


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