Breakfast Gem-Connector Cafe & Grill

Connector Cafe & Grill has been in my breakfast rotation fro some time now. Roosevelt and I go quite often and I have taken friends there and I have enjoyed every single piece of food they have prepared. I have never had a bad day there, never an under cooked or overcooked item of food and never a rude waitress.

It is a true gem and the owner Christina is so friendly and goes out of her way to explain things like “Bulletproof Coffee”, which is quite “Bulletproof” when you are going about to all sorts of places and need a lot of energy. When I asked Christina how the Cafe came about especially the Paleo Menu she told me this great story and I wanted to include an excerpt so the rest of you can go and enjoy breakfast or lunch and be happy on any day you choose to be with great food and great people.

  • We opened 4 years ago as just a breakfast & lunch cafe.  We saw a small Paleo menu at a restaurant in Connecticut and got the idea to put some Paleo items on the menu at our cafe because a bunch of my CrossFit friends were coming to eat to congratulate us on the restaurant.   I’ve been following the Paleo diet for 6 years.  It became an important part of my way of living.  My belief in the Paleo lifestyle came from my experiences following the dietary restrictions.  For many people, we are unaware of how our food choices are affecting our bodies.  Once you learn how you feel with eating and not eating various foods, we are able to figure out what works best for us. I’m definitely not saying that paleo is the perfect diet for all.  I think that everyone should learn what makes most sense for their bodies and eliminate or incorporate foods accordingly.  I guess you can call it mindful eating.  Being aware of what makes you and your body happy and able to thrive. 
  • We love offering the Paleo menu options at the cafe – no dairy, no grains, no refined sugars, all natural, nothing processed.  Even if someone doesn’t follow the lifestyle, there are still many delicious items that people are interested in.  And, if people want to add some dairy, or add some bread to their meals, we obviously accommodate. It’s nice for our customers to know that they can come and order food and they know exactly what they are getting. 
There are many aspects of the Paleo diet I find intriguing and think are great ways to keep yourself in a happy, healthy body. If you are interested in that ,stop by. If you like breakfast, stop by. If you like lunch, stop by. If you like food, stop by. Really what I am trying to say is that you wont regret a visit to this great Cafe . Check out my fun pics below and my descriptions.


Eat Well. Be Well. Live Well


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