Horseshoe Grille-N.Reading, MA

Enjoying food is something I always try to do and I share these experiences on social media when I do. When restaurants reach out to me asking me to try them out and see what they have to offer I am always more than willing to try it and give my honest opinion.

This post along with several others I will be writing will be presented in a different way than most. I will outline what I loved about each place and what could be better. This is to give my readers the best possible insight

I was invited via Twitter to Horseshoe Grille in N.Reading and I decided to go along with Roosevelt and friends this past weekend to try it out.

Location was easy to get to, look of the restaurant was very relaxing but modern. I had made a reservation via their website which was quick and easy and we were quickly ushered in.

We were seated in front of the fireplace which was warm and toasty and a waitress quickly came by to help us out.

Our friends and us ordered similar Barbecue items to split, Cornbread and the Calamari Appetizer.


Cornbread w/Butter

The cornbread was just the right consistency and it came with a sweet creamy butter. Fantastic

Thai Chili Calamari

Calamari was fried just right and had a wonderful kick to it because of Thai Chili Sauce.

Half Chicken/Pulled Pork Barbecue Combo

Pulled pork was flavorful and had some great barbecue dipping sauce. Chicken didn’t have a lot of seasoning and initially was a bit cold when brought to the table. When this was said to the waitress and management they made sure to heat it up quickly for us and brought it back.

Coleslaw & Vegetable Rice Pilaf

Coleslaw was very good, I am not usually a fan but this was crunchy with all the right flavors. Vegetable rice pilaf was flavorful and good.

Overall I did like my meal, I would definitely encourage them to season the chicken a bit more. Otherwise a good meal.

See my pictures below!


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