Weekend Adventures: Discovering the Nook and Crannies!

Since I haven’t written in some time I have an extra long blog post to awaken your senses and put on your adventuring gear it was a wild and fun ride:)

Started off the weekend Friday evening by going to a new Sushi place in Lowell Called “Miya”. Beautiful decor wonderful people and service. We were waiting for some friends and we decided to start with a Sushi appetizer…the “Crunchy Roll” it was WOWNESS. yes yes I know its not a word but that’s what it was. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture because we ate it too fast.

Then our friends showed up and that’s when the food madness began. Sushi, hot food it was all over our table and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sashimi Appetizer.
Cool Steel Chopsticks and table set up
Spicy Chicken Basil
Beautiful Sushi!
Deep Fried Tempura Ice Cream
More beautiful Sushi!


Brand New Sporty Jaguar…

We continued our weekend of food coma’s by going out to breakfast with my parents in Westford, MA to a place called Bixbite. I had found it on yelp and it was actually really fantastic. The waitresses were super friendly, service was fast and the set up of the breakfast was nice and modern.

Eggssss, wheat toast, toasty home fries and a buttermilk pancake with powdered sugar!!!!
My mums and I goofing off on my tablet!


Then Sunday we also went to a diner in Lowell called Owl Diner best breakfast ever. Its a cute little place thats been there over 50 years and they have little owls everywhere which is my fave. Then we went thrift store shopping with our friends and it was a blast!!!

Places we visited

The BackRoom (Vintage designer and others)


Found (all sorts of things; the owner goes all over the place and buys stuff he likes and then sells them)


Authentic Seats from Ebbets Field
Which one should I buy?
Another Accordion

All in all a truly fantastic weekend….on to another adventure!!!



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