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Picture this: A woman deathly afraid of bugs, but incredibly intrigued by reptiles, owls, and animals that could actually harm me. Yeah that’s me, Timna, aka the Maven. I have loved snakes since I was seven years old when a cool guy brought a boa constrictor to my class and I watched it eat a mouse and then held it on my shoulders. All 70 ish pounds of me was in complete awe at this creature and over the years it only got better. While a snake can do much more damage to me than a spider can (in some cases) I have an incredible fear of them, yes even daddy long legs spiders. At Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA I got out of my comfort zone a little bit and saw some spiders close up (shiver) but also fed an alligator, had some soft encounters with the softest Kangaroos ever, held baby goats, and just learned a lot.

Animal Adventures had reached out to me to come out and check out their animal rescue zoo in Bolton Ma. What makes them unique and different from other zoos is that fact that so many of their animals are rescued and then given homes at their location in Bolton. Everything from Emu’s to Alligators to little creepy crawly Spiders they have it all and I, along with my mum had an incredible experience. Besides the animals, the people at Animal Adventures are top-notch and every team member we encountered there had a wealth of knowledge about each of the animals and what they could do. On top of that, they had learning sessions in their open area inside of their facility, where all of us could learn a few more details, pet some scaly creatures and feel like a kid again.

Cute little field area

This tortoise was a mood.


I had a small panic attack but I held my ground and took photos of this spider LOL

Will you be brave enough to go to the land of the giants???

Fox talking to us about a specific snake

Main entrance!

Hello dear goat!

Mum and I squeezed in a cute photo on their little play boat outside

So let’s start off with our wicked cool Kangaroo encounter, these two were balls of fun, and one of them kept licking and biting my shoes, it was hilarious. They were very attentive and Fox our guide was able to get us up close and personal with them. Fox also told us so much cool information about these gorgeous Kangaroos! Did you know that sometimes they will use their tail as support? Their tails are pure muscle and super heavy, and they actually did it while I was in the enclosure!! It was great getting to know them.

This beautiful babe, I was so happy to be able to meet them

We were then told by Shawn that I would be feeding Alligators (OH MY GOD) and not just regular old small Alligators, but big heavy ones. Better yet, an Alligator named Bubbles–teeheee! This was a once in a lifetime experience and I was just so grateful to be able to experience this. I fed Bubbles not once, not twice but three times and it was glorious! I giggled like a kid and part of me felt like Steve Irwin, I literally heard his voice in my head (RIP to the greatest) while I fed Bubbles.

Thrilling experience!


Objects are larger than they appear (hehe)

I was super happy…

So I have told you about some soft and furry animals, some big and scaly animals but what about the babies and the finale (my favorite animal in the world)? Well here goes! I held the cutest baby goats, they were so playful, soft and kept nibbling at my wrist where my wristband was and tickling me to death! Haha! It was cool watching the families with their little kids so enthralled by the baby animals, and the entire time I was at Animal Adventures I felt like a kid again, and it brought such a lfun side out of me. I digress. Let us talk about my enounter with THE animal, my favorite, the gorgeous Owl named Petra. Shawn brought us over to the enclosure took Petra out and I saw her in all her glory, touched her soft back, and saw her wings as she drew them out. So quiet, so vigilant, and this Owl can see so far away, I feel bad for any little animal trying to get away from her. Truly an experience to remember.

Falling in love with baby goats

Nibbling at my wrist band

I mean come on! So precious!!

Petra is a beautiful animal!

I was probably slightly emotional, the first time I had ever touched and been so close to an Owl

I want to thank Shawn, Fox and the team over at Animal Adventures for their hospitality,, for welcoming my mom and I and making sure we had an experience to remember. I can’t wait to go back with friends and more family. Want to learn more about them? Check out their social media channels on Instagram and Facebook which are below. Hope you enjoyed the photos, the adventures and hope you go check them out for yourself!

Fox and I!

Animal Adventures Facebook click here

Animal Adventures Instagram click here

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Animal adventurer,

The Maven


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