UnchARTed Art Gallery & Restaurant- Lowell, MA

When our plans changed my wonderful lady friends and I decided we would all meet up at UnchARTed a wonderful new and hip Art Gallery and Restaurant located on Market Street in Downtown Lowell. The minute you walk in┬áthe ambiance fills you with good vibes, warmth and hospitality that is so true to Lowell’s community roots.

On top of being a wonderful place to hang out, you can also eat amazing food, drink different craft beers ,wonderful wines and be in the company of local community artists, musicians, business owners and food blogger’s (like myself of course) ­čÖé

The Artist on display at UnchARTed right now is Dan Rocha and his art is both a mix of edgy and eccentric with just a touch of bright vibes.  Check out the opening of the art show this Saturday at 4pm, their Facebook has all the details!

Lets get down to business, in plain talk lets talk about the food. While their menu has a mix of pizza, salad, soup and sandwiches we focused primarily on the Pizza and one salad with some great drinks.


Portuguese Pizza & Veggie Pesto Pizza: Rich, flavorful perfection


Italian Pizza: Abundance of Meats and a kick of Jalapeno


Great selection of wines, ciders and beer


Another shot of the first two pizzas we ordered


Caprese Salad: Fantastic flavor, balsamic was lightly sweet making for a nice finish


Perfect night out


Pizza was amazing!!


Deep in conversation


Overall this place was a fantastic hangout spot with the added bonus of cool art and amazing food. Check them out and support our local hot spots in Beautiful Downtown Lowell and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for all the upcoming events!

Adventure Always,




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