The Pursuit of the Mediterranean

In my quest to explore new foods and flavors I constantly go to to search out new places to eat in my surroundings.

So far I have found two places that I really like. One is a hole in the wall called Mediterranean Turkish in Framingham, Ma.

They have the most astounding baklava I have had so far, so much decadence in such thin pastry. The bottom soaked in just the right amount of honey.
The chicken gyro there is juicy, tasty, and boisterous. I recommend this place to anyone who will listen.

The other is a beautiful, intimate restaurant called Taza in Methuen, MA. The decor is lush and inviting, the service wonderful and the food  makes you feel like you have gone to a faraway place.

I recommend
Kibbeh Flatbread
Deep fried cheesecake


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