The Crose Nest – Lowell, MA

The Crose Nest . . . a fresh, vibrant shop newly opened at Mill No 5. I had the opportunity to sit down Kinsey the owner and discuss why this store came to fruition and why it was incredibly important for her to create this space where people could come and be themselves and explore what her shop has to offer.

Nestled in a corner of the Mill, close by Luna Theater Kinsey sells both her wares and other local hand picked items. When you walk in you have an aroma of herbs and floral scents which are part of another cool part of her shop; the blending of different herbs, teas, and spices to create something for you and you alone. Whether it is a tea blend, a steam blend or a bath blend you can create whatever you set your mind to. While she is there to assist and help you choose she also lets you go on your own path and have a space to create something unique to you and your needs.

Kinsey started in herbalism and pharmacopeia because she couldn’t’ rely on pharmaceuticals for chronic pain. In learning and studying herbalism she came to find that nature had many healing qualities and made her quality of life much better and she wanted to share this with others. She wants people to be hands on in her shop so that they to can learn how to better their lives through the use of herbal remedies and to be creative.

Some people are wary of using herbs because they don’t completely understand what each herb can do and how your body can be affected. The Crose Nest makes this easier for individuals who want to experiment with this side of the shop in that everything is labeled with their traditional use and the different things that could affect your body. The jar labels are clear and precise and Kinsey herself can explain in depth what each item can do for you and if you are willing to share what you have an issue with you can delve even further into the botanical pharmacopeia that it is.

All herbs are organically sourced and GMO-free from Mountain Rose Herbs and soon locally sourced herbs will be available in her shop in a separate area so you can explore even more that the herbalism world has to offer while also supporting local.

Small batch artisan goods are also a lovely part of her shop and many of the items are specifically crafted just for her shop and can’t be found anywhere else. This brings a level of quality and uniqueness that is unequaled in comparing to many large scale shops.

The unique name of her shop  “Crose Nest” comes from her other job. She works for an organization that does animal and nature therapy for individuals who can’t get outdoors. They have a rehabilitated wild crow that they work with and who was rescued  from an injury in the wild and is now an educational animal. The resilience that Crow inspired her to name it Crose nest and the spelling of “Crose” come from her last name Rosene. So it is a unique blend of both parts of her life.

Kinsey has been to a lot of different places, mostly from the southwest, and her husband is from Westford and they moved back here three years ago. She has a great vision of Lowell in that it has so much potential and it is so much more than what everyone on the outside looking in sees.

I truly enjoyed talking with Kinsey and learning more about what she wants to offer to the people of Lowell and others who come to Lowell to explore. I truly appreciate individuals who have vision and yearn to share with others their experiences.

Take some time and go to Mill No 5 and explore her shop, you won’t be disappointed. I took so many pictures and while it seems her shop is small it has so much to offer.  Enjoy the pictures!



Loved this set, perfect for your home


So much to explore



Ideas to get you started with blending


Packaging station 🙂




Artisan made Woks

20160519_174903 20160519_175019






How to 🙂


Showing us how it works


My tea blend: Rose hips, lemon peel, honeybush, and cinnamon chips

Be Well. Be You.



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