Francis Gate Park- Lowell, MA

This past weekend we did some local exploration around Lowell. From watching the crew boats out on the water to walking around Francis Gate Park we relaxed for a couple hours enjoying the bright and sunny weather we had on Saturday.

Lowell has history bursting out of it’s seams. From mill history, to canals, to parks, Lowell has it all. You could go out every single day and find something new to learn, to eat and to explore within our bustling city and honestly this is what keeps me going out every single weekend to see what else I can find.

Francis Gate Park was beautiful, the blossoms on the trees were in full bloom, the breeze was perfect and the sun shining brightly leading the way through the paths. We decided to walk the trail through the park and stop where the gate was. It is a quick walk, but quite enjoyable.


A quick telling of history when you enter the park is there to greet you. I appreciate things like this, although not extensive a quick blurb gives you a bit of insight.

20160514_151741 (1)

Path leading into the park, short but beautiful.


This gate with the toll rates. How crazy that toll rates were so incredibly low, such a sign of the times. 🙂


I took a picture of this, because I love the bolts in the wood. The strength of them and the wood around them. You can see the water lines along the sides as well.



I went a little further down so I could take this shot of the bridge that goes across it. This also has more history in that it saved Lowell from a flood back in 1852. The first time the gate was used to do so.


Old doors, I love them. I just had to take a picture of Roosevelt in front of it. 🙂


Looking out on the other side of the gatehouse. The water is calm and that leads into the Merrimack river.


Walking out of Francis Gate Park was this immensely large and gorgeous blooming tree. Loved how beautiful the day turned out to be.


The esplanade was beautiful, breezy but it is a perfect walk.


The crews were out on the water Saturday and we had a perfect view!


What a sunny day!

Overall we walked over two miles from Francis Gate Park all through the esplanade even going onto some dirt paths. It was a great way to explore while also getting in some cardio 🙂 . Truly enjoyable experience and I look forward to doing more walks along the river and the city this summer.

Happy Monday & Be Well!




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