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Andalucia, a southern province in Spain is where Tapas originated from. The literal meaning of this word is “a cover” & traditionally this comes from a complementary piece of ham served on top of a wine glass so you wouldn’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach. These days we know them as “small plates” which allow you to experience many different flavors without filling up on one thing. Tapas are great among friends; it is so wonderful to get a spread of food, have some delicious red wine ( or white) and really connect with those across the table.

T’ahpas 529 in Melrose allows you to do just that. Not only do they have a beautiful, cozy atmosphere but they have the food to back them up. A combination of Spanish and Mediterranean flavors, every single dish we tried was not only bursting with flavor but also brought something new and exciting to the table 🙂 Executive Chef Lorenzo, who also owns La Qchara really knows how to create an atmosphere and brings his love of food and community to those who come to experience the two restaurants.

I was thrilled to be able to experience this place with my friend and colleague Ani, a local boutique owner. We were able to order a few different things and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the food from our server Kyle along with the delicious wine offerings that were presented. If you want a place to enjoy yourself but also enjoy quality, delicious food check them out!

Now, lets take a look at some photos 🙂


Bread, Oil & some delicious Syrah

Patatas Bravas | Crispy Potatoes, Smoked Spanish Paprika Aioli

Croquettas de Langosta | Lobster Croquettes | Bursting with lobster & flavor

Mejillones | Mussels, Chorizo, Fennel, White Wine & Garlic Bread | This broth was life!

Pollo en Crema | This was one of the most delicious sauces, Chicken was perfect!

                Montaditos de Langostino | Compliments of the Chef | One of my favorites of the evening

Burrata, Tomatoes & Basil | Incredibly Fresh, a bit sweet, & so flavorful!

The Maven with her spread…

Food is our common ground, a universal experience. -James Beard

Executive Chef Lorenzo & I

Churros | Perfectly sweet & crunchy

Churros | Chocolate | Latte

Champagne | Compliments of the Chef

Till next time…

Life as a Maven


*All opinions and photos are my own



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