Double Chocolate+Pumpkin=Yummy

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Does anyone remember that commercial for Cocoa Puffs? Anyone? 90’s child here and I just remember “crazy for cocoa puffs”. This reference is being done because the chocolate part of this recipe equation reminds me distinctly of this cereal. I always like to mix things up when making a recipe and if its a recipe I get off the internet then I like to addRead Now

Fall in Love with Breakfast

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I love breakfast, and I love reading about what people eat for breakfast in different places. I like to experiment with different flavors and breakfast gives me the opportunity to do this. I came up with three separate recipes that incorporate good, clean healthy eating with the flavors of Fall and give you the opportunity to mix and match how you see fit. One ofRead Now

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

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When I decided to try this I wanted to be able to eat some baked cheesy goodness while also being conscious of eating clean, (to a degree)  🙂 Obviously the butter,  and cheeses add fat, but with the whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread crumbs, and non-fat milk it steps the game up just a bit while taking away none of the wonderful taste. VentureRead Now