Reinvent your Cooking with Over the Spoon

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Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy. – Mary Berry Mill No 5. is and has been home to many gems, most recently and currently it is home to Over the Spoon a cool, edgy kitchen ware store that has everything from muffin tins to punny towels and now a cooking school. Having exposure to cooking is something I thank my mom andRead Now

Koshari Mama | Egyptian Street Food on the Rise


“Food is about making an interaction with ingredients, if you talk to them, they will always tell you a story.” Chef Jose Andres I have a thing with street food, maybe its because in all the food shows I watch it always looks like the best parts of cuisine all over the world. I have tried a good amount of street food, from Mexican streetRead Now

Cheese 101 – Mill City Cheesemongers

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I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love cheese; when I was a kid I would take blocks of cheddar and just eat them plain. If I could still get away with that I would still do it, but now I’ve grown up and realized there are so many kinds of cheese I cat eat many different varieties (to make up that block ofRead Now

The Crose Nest – Lowell, MA

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The Crose Nest . . . a fresh, vibrant shop newly opened at Mill No 5. I had the opportunity to sit down Kinsey the owner and discuss why this store came to fruition and why it was incredibly important for her to create this space where people could come and be themselves and explore what her shop has to offer. Nestled in a corner ofRead Now