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Cooking and baking is both physical and mental therapy. – Mary Berry

Mill No 5. is and has been home to many gems, most recently and currently it is home to Over the Spoon a cool, edgy kitchen ware store that has everything from muffin tins to punny towels and now a cooking school. Having exposure to cooking is something I thank my mom and my Abuela for everyday because it gave me the ability to cook for myself and my family while giving me an outlet. Cooking and baking to me is therapeutic, it has the ability to draw you in and keep you interested in what you’re making and allows you to explore the cuisines of the world without moving from your kitchen. I learned and keep learning a lot about my own Puerto Rican culture every time I learn something new (and yes I am still learning we have a lot of different foods 🙂 )

Photo provided by Over the Spoon

When I heard there was going to be a new cooking school in Lowell, especially at Mill No 5. I was absolutely ecstatic. Now there was an inclusive, easygoing place for all to learn and have a lot of fun while doing it. Initially, after speaking with Claire Mosenfelder, owner of Over the Spoon I knew I could expect a great experience when I took the cooking class with Chef and teacher, Kelcy Scholnick. I definitely wasn’t disappointed, Kelcy was fun and inviting and knew how to draw us all in. She joked, laughed let us try and smell all the things and really opened up our eyes to how many or how little you can use to really kick a dish to the next level.

Clare Mosenfelder spoke to me about her life long dream of opening her own business, drawing inspiration from her two grandmothers Alice and Barbara. Both were hard working, strong women providing for their families using their surroundings to grow and thrive. Drawing on this inspiration Clare definitely stayed dedicated and through all her dedication won 2nd place in the EforAll (Entrepreneurship for All) shop local pitch contest at Mill No. 5, then flew out to Chicago to a housewares industry event where Clare sourced most of what she carries in store now. In this time frame she also married the love of her life, Joy Mosenfelder ( who also happens to be Over the Spoon’s in house graphic designer and marketing consultant) and then moved to Massachusetts (aren’t we lucky!?).

Clare was then accepted into the 2018 summer cohort and they were able to help Clare’s vision become a reality by refining a venture concept into a business plan. It worked wonders for Clare because shortly after, a lease was secured at Mill No. 5 and the doors of Over the Spoon officially opened last November.

Clare and Kelcy wanted a culinary concept that would empower home cooks in their communities to try new techniques and explore cuisines that maybe would be unfamiliar to them. They both wanted to create an experience unlike anything else in the area.

“I consider Over the Spoon a tribute to the women in my family that forged their own ways in an era where doing so was altogether too uncommon. As we grow, I’m looking forward to sharing our love of cooking with our friends in Lowell and the Merrimack Valley region.” – Clare Mosenfelder

They treated me to a cooking class which I took with my husband and we thoroughly enjoyed it from the beginning of learning how to properly use a knife until the end where all of us sat down for a community meal in the big room at Coffee Cotton. We took the Summer Bounty class which was filled with fresh lemons juicy tomatoes, decadent peaches, and a love for cooking from Kelcy that really inspired the both of us to learn more. I have been cooking since I was nine years old, and generally on my own try to learn new things, but often I am tired from work or want to cook something quick so we can eat dinner. This class gave us the ability to cook in a different place, surrounded by other people who wanted to learn something new and relax while learning proper techniques and tips.

Clare Mosenfelder, Owner of OTS and Chef Kelcy

Something that stood out to me was how straightforward Chef Kelcy was about cooking. She said that cooking is different for everyone, and what might taste good to one might be different to another. Chef took hold of that class and showed us how to properly hold a knife, hacks for cutting onions and juicing lemons and then proceeded to teach us how to make the most delicious vegetarian meal.

Chef Kelcy started cooking twenty-eight years ago alongside her mother, which made her the coolest little sous chef, with no intention of stopping any time soon. As an avid supported of local communities, Chef blends a passion for seasonal cooking with her love of local and regionally sourced ingredients. While seeking out collaborations with local farmers within the surrounding communities, Chef Kelcy also encourages other local producers to promote farm to table eating while elevating local culinary traditions.

I want to thank both Clare and Kelcy for their hospitality and including me and Roosevelt in this super fun class, we learned so much and cant wait to check out another class!

Summer Bounty Menu:

Zucchini Boats

Panzanella Salad

Spiced Grilled Halloumi Cheese

Blueberry & Peach Crumble

Cutting peaches

Chef Kelcy showing me the ropes- can I say how much I loved this stove??

Look at the size of this onion!!

Chef Kelcy’s love for teaching & cooking was so obvious 🙂

Our Panzanella salad (my fave dish of the night)

Grilled spiced Halloumi and homemade sauce

Baked Zuchini boats topped with fresh pesto

Making this fresh peach and blueberry dessert was so fun

Here is the finished product with freshly whipped vanilla whipped cream

From start to finish this was an experience to remember, if you’re itching to try out something new go check out the many cooking classes coming up. Details to follow Chef Kelcy and Over the Spoon are below. As always thank you for lending me your imaginations and coming along on a Maven adventure.

Chef Kelcy | @chefkelcy

Over the Spoon | @overthespoonma

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