The Ball: Hair, Nails & Makeup

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This whole journey has been super fun for me. I love being pampered but then again who doesn’t? ย Lowell, MA has everything you need to get ready for an event like The Ball, presented by Made in Lowell. I worked with both local businesses and local consultants and wanted to highlight all of their abilities and what they offer. Businesses highlighted: Indigo Spa & SalonRead Now

The Ball-Clothes & Accessories

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As it gets closer to the arrival of this event presented by Made in Lowell, I am excited to write the next piece of my blogging for it. This clothing and accessories piece highlights some of the businesses in Lowell where you can get some nice style going for a night on the town, an event like The Ball, or any other time you wantRead Now

Time Out Cafe & Eatery-Downtown Lowell

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I had heard of this place before but never had the opportunity to eat here. Time Out Cafe & Eatery is located right on Merrimack St in Downtown Lowell like many other wonderful restaurants they have a nice chill spot to eat wonderful food and to relax. They have a variety of food and drinks but I had their wonderfully authentic Hispanic food. Everything fromRead Now