Almond Sugar Cookies-Earl Gray Infused

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Earl Gray tea is one of my favorites. The aroma from the Bergamot always makes me calm and with a bit of milk and sugar its a perfect way to start the day. ¬†Then come the cookies and who doesn’t love a good cookie or biscuit with their tea? Using brewed tea , crushed almonds and a bit of lemon extract really brought out theRead Now

Happy National Brownie Day!

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Great holiday. In my book anyway. Brownies are the end all to girls nights, movie nights, kids parties and the list continues. Chocolate is a complete delicacy and only recently I started to fall in love with true dark chocolate. Not to say I don’t love milk chocolate or any chocolate for that matter. These brownies bring both worlds together. Not overly sweet but potentRead Now

Olive Oil & Wine Cookies

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Wine lovers and cookie lovers of the world unite! I was doing research for my blog and had found this recipe for: Einkorn Olive Oil & Wine Cookies¬†, Einkorn is an ancient grain and has a sweet, nutty flavor according to this recipe but since I didn’t have any on hand I used a mixture of Whole Wheat and All Purpose Flours and changed itRead Now

Double Chocolate+Pumpkin=Yummy

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Does anyone remember that commercial for Cocoa Puffs? Anyone? 90’s child here and I just remember “crazy for cocoa puffs”. This reference is being done because the chocolate part of this recipe equation reminds me distinctly of this cereal. I always like to mix things up when making a recipe and if its a recipe I get off the internet then I like to addRead Now