Sofra Bakery & Cafe – Cambridge, MA

On a cozy corner in Cambridge there is a delightful cafe called Sofra Bakery & Cafe and I am in love. With  unique flavor combinations influenced by Greece, Lebanon & Turkey and a warm atmosphere, Sofra takes cafe dining to a different level. Everything I had from beverage to dessert was delightfully fresh and so delicious. They also sell ready made to go items such as meals, spices, jams and more.

On their website they tell you the reasoning behind their name which I thought was so beautiful. In roaming around Turkey and asking people what “Sofra” meant to them it brought smiles to their faces- “Sofra” in Turkish means a picnic, a special table preparation of food or a small square kilim rug used for eating.

Although small, we were still able to find a seat quickly after placing our order. Shout out to the gentleman  at the cash register who suggested beverages and gave us some insights on flavors. Everyone was super helpful even though it was incredibly busy when we went on a late Saturday afternoon.

If you get a chance, please make a trip to this delightful place, I can’t wait to go back and experience more of their flavors!

We ordered the following items:

  • Bulgur Dumplings
  • Tahini Hummus
  • Kunefe
  • Brown-Butter Tahini Donut
  • Dukkah Crunch Donut
  • Orange-Blossom Lemonade
  • Sharbat (Seasonal Fruit- Grape)


Order area, good sized menu & lots of yummy treats

Tray of pastries

Dukkah Crunch Donut- Airy, light donut with frosting that melted in your mouth

Kunefe w/Spiced Syrup- Light &delicious

Brown Butter Tahini Donut – The cream inside was perfection

The whole spread!

Tahini Hummus w/Lamb & Pine Nuts – side of Crackers

Bulgur Dumplings- flavorful, light & delicious

Sharbat & Orange Blossom Lemonade- both amazing drinks

As we were walking to our car we stumbled across a coffee shop across the street called Intelligentsia Coffee because I saw a “Coffee” sign and thought it looked quirky. We were right; the coffee was so smooth, it was prepared perfectly and my Matcha Latte I had was incredible.

Coffee Sleeves 🙂


This Matcha Latte was so good!

The presentation is right on!


The Coffee sign I saw that got me to  come over 🙂

Check these places out if you get a chance, they are both stellar and deserve a visit. I myself cannot wait to get back to Sofra so I can try more of their yummy treats and more food!


Livin that Maven Life!





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