5th Annual Massachusetts Cheese Festival

I love cheese. It is the one thing I refuse to give up in my mostly healthy lifestyle because cheese is a universe of flavors with the ability to wake up the senses and make you experience things you haven’t before. 🙂 Huge shout out to my local cheese monger ( Mill City Cheesemongers). I say all of this to talk about my amazing experience at the 5th Annual Massachusetts Cheese Festival which took place a couple weekends ago and how much of an experience it was for me.

This festival is run by the MA Cheese Guild (make sure  to check them out) and this year the festival was overflowing with people from all over who wanted to experience different cheeses, wines, classes and more. There was an incredible amount of things to do and every table I went to was engaging and informative.

This bread was so good- sourdough based- Check out Nashoba Brook Bakery

These were so unique and delicious: Westport Rivers Winery

Refreshing and a bit fruity: Notch Brewing 

The first session was packed!

So obsessed with this company- bought the Spicy Pickles!! Fox Point Pickling

The cheeses from Grace Hill Farm were rich and flavorful

The Gooseberry Chevre was out of this world – Dancing Goats Dairy

So good!

The meats were so incredible – New England Charcuterie

I attended a cool class led by Raymond Robinson, of Robinson Farm which was so informative. We tried some cheese and learned about the history of the farm. It is so refreshing to learn about our local producers who work tirelessly on their farms to provide us with the best products they can.

Guiding us through a Q&A

Cheese and their descriptions- loved this class!

There were also demonstrations happening on stage and cool giveaways happening (your girl won one for a wine tasting at Aaronap Cellars!!!)

Butter Churning!

So great to learn about this

All of the Mozzarella

I had a great day and I can’t wait until next year to experience another festival. This has got to be one of my favorites so far. Check out all the pictures and click on the links to learn more about the different tables I stopped at!

The Maven signing off…





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