Sneak Peak-Lowell Burger Company

Monday was a day filled with lots of food adventures including a trip to a secret menu tasting at the new Lowell Burger Company spot Downtown Lowell, MA. As we all know this was the old location of the much beloved Bishop’s Legacy Restaurant and while we were sad to see it go I am energized by this new restaurant that has taken over.

Together Tobias Marx and Chef Nick Speros have created an incredibly welcoming space that is open and inviting with a clear sense of community. With just the small sliver we were given insight to, I know that this venture will prove to be a good one. With warm lighting, fun decor and incredible burgers, Lowell Burger Company has the ingredients to make this restaurant work.

In speaking with the Chef, it was great knowing the food would be locally sourced and local farms would be supported. As you all know I believe that supporting local is a big deal and its important to retain that sense of community by building each other up and provide great food while doing so.

I look forward to having many dinners at this new place Downtown and bringing friends to share food over drinks and laughter!

Check out the pictures and check out the Vlogs now up on  YouTube about Chef Nick Speros “Secret Sauce” and “Bacon Jam” – Click here to view them and stay tuned for another blog post once they are open and I taste more of their great burgers! 🙂

The Chef getting some burgers ready

Beef Burger w/Blue Cheese, Bacon Jam & Arugula

Burgers for the win!

This ketchup is smoky, delightful &  different yet familiar

Ani, Owner –Humanity Style, myself & Chef Nick Speros

I was happy with my burger- obviously!


For the love of Burgers-


Life as a Maven




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