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I had a great meal last night. I stopped by a new restaurant/cafe that just opened up on Merrimack St in Lowell that was opened up by someone we know from college.

As all of you know by now I like to support local, as much as I can. Whether its eating out at local restaurants, buying clothing at local boutiques or supporting local events I like to do what I can because I believe that by supporting others who are trying to make something of themselves, it in turn helps me, the city and the world.

Back to the food at hand, they have an interesting menu that varies between traditional Asian inspired dishes like “Bibimbap” to Pasta dishes such as Shrimp Scampi or Parppadelle Pasta with Chicken. Interesting and odd mix to some but it worked.

The staff was helpful and friendly and our appetizers were served quickly as well as our food. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the food and how it was prepared to how the flavors of each dish just completely meshed well with one another.They are definitely on a roll to be a successful establishment and I can’t wait to go back and have some more of those Honey Sriracha Wings!



Honey Sriracha Wings

These were fire…literally! Spicy , yet sweet at the same time absolutely perfect flavor


Egg Rolls

I love Egg Rolls, so I try them everywhere that has them, these were crispy, stuffed full of yummy filling with a delicious dipping sauce



Spicy Chicken Bibimbap

I fell in love with this dish, the flavorful vegetables, the absolutely incredible spicy sauce and the perfectly cooked chicken

Roosevelt and our friend Castro both had pasta dishes and they enjoyed them. Since I didn’t try them I wont comment except to show you the great pictures.


Garlic Chicken Parppadelle Pasta


Shrimp Scampi

Check them out if you haven’t been by, below is the link to swing by their Facebook Page. Like them and follow it!

Eat Well!


Sizzling Kitchen FB Page


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