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Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food. – Hippocrates

There is an indescribable feeling about walking into a place and instantly feeling at home. I have been blessed to have this experience on multiple occasions in many of the places I have ventured into. Butter N’ Jam in Nashua, NH is one of these special places. There are a few places in Nashua that have my heart, and this is one of them. Why? Well the people and the food really make it. The attention to detail in the decor, the vibe, and again the food, Butter N’ Jam has it all.

The coziest couch

Up close details


The first time I went with a fellow blogger My Adventure Gang and we had a delicious brunch there and the second time I went with my husband to try their new fall menu. Besides just really incredible food, Andrew the owner and team really made us feel so at home. There is a real sense of community from the moment you step through those doors until you leave. It’s feelings like these that make me want to continue coming back for more, and showcasing their restaurant to the world.

Since they first opened in June of 2018 there have been a myriad of changes. Andrew Lawrenson, owner of Butter N’ Jam does not have a background in the culinary world but was actually in the automobile for over a decade. He had a desire to change up his life after many changes in his personal life while also providing a legacy for his two children. More than just a legacy of money, he wanted to be someone his kids could be proud of and look up to. Thus Butter N’ Jam was born. Their menu has everything from crepes to pumpkin bisque. There is a wide variety of offerings, while still focusing on good, quality food made with love.

My dream/vision behind Butter N’ Jam was a place that EVERYONE is welcomed with an atmosphere where you can be you! – Andrew Lawrenson

Andrew is quick to say he couldn’t have done it alone. He focuses primarily on the crepe side of the business while his Chef, Andrew and front of house/Chef Josie make the restaurant run like a dream. All three of them are quick to offer recommendations on the menu or answer any questions you have. Andrew L. considers them family now, and spoke to me about how their friendship started. Andrew ( or Drew) the chef used to work at PigTale ( a restaurant in the same plaza) and they would often chat because they were in the same plaza. They had moved away to find more opportunities in the culinary world, but after graduating from culinary school they decided to head back, and Andrew says the “timing couldn’t have been better”. Josie and Drew are kind, humble, and bring a real sense of home to Butter N’ Jam. *Fun Fact: Drew and Josie met over corn dogs at culinary school šŸ™‚

While I have been there twice I actually came to know about them through a friend who is friends with the owner. I had started following them on Instagram, connecting through social media. When the opportunity finally came when I would be able to go, I was so thrilled and to make things better that first time we walked in and Andrew came out he recognized me as the Maven (I mean who doesn’t love being recognizable šŸ™‚ ) and from there it became a way to write about them, experience more of their food and follow them along on this journey.

Josie concentrating on making something for a customer

Some of the menu

One of my favorite details of the decor at Butter N’Jam. Book covers for outlets

Because who doesn’t want a sassy coaster? šŸ™‚

There is a true sincerity that comes from Andrew as you talk to him. He is passionate about supporting local but also supporting the community. Some of the local community organizations Butter N’ Jam supports are the girl scouts and a transitional living facility for women and children called Marguerites Place.

Supporting local is easy without being part of the community you will never truly be successful. If you don’t give back whats the point of doing what you’re doing at all? – Andrew Lawrenson

So what do you get when you have an atmosphere that thrives on supporting others, builds up people and their communities and delicious food? You get Butter N’Jam. I was so honored to be able to go and meet the team with Roosevelt, and get to know them a little better. Everything I have eaten in the two times I have gone I have absolutely loved. I hope they are successful and wish them many good returns. Thank you Andrew, Drew and Josie for welcoming us and making us fee llike part of the family. I can’t wait to eat that Cinnamon Bun Toast again šŸ˜€

Menu items I am featuring:

  • Out of This World Cinnamon Toast
  • Oreo Crepe
  • Pumpkin Bisque
  • Cheesy Bacon Potato Bowl
  • Bacon Jam
  • Turkey BLT
  • Mimosa Flight

Out of This World Cinnamon Toast | Thick cut cinnamon bread, toasted, finished with a melted cinnamon vanilla butter cream.

Oreo Crepe | B’N’J’s Vanilla butter cream, fluff, and finished with Oreo dust and a halved Oreo cookie

Pumpkin Bisque | Perfection in a bowl

Bacon, cheese, potatoes and chives. Amazing in every way.

Their coffees are just so freaking good. This is a caramel latte

Bacon Jam | Open faced sandwich with egg, sesame seeds, bacon served on multigrain. DELISH

Turkey BLT on multigran

Mimosa flight | All pink for breast cancer awareness month. So yummy.

Josie helping out a customer

Some records


Make sure you take a ride up to Butter N’ Jam, tell them the Maven sent you and just bask in the vibe and food. Want to follow them on social media? Below are the links for Facebook and Instagram.


Butter N’ Jam FB

Until next time,

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