Purple Carrot Bread Co. – Lowell, MA

Guess who is back, back again…..

Purple Carrot Bread Co. is a local artisan bakery and lunch cafe with an incredible amount of breakfast and lunch options. They are a local favorite, but recently they brought back donuts on Saturdays again and I CANNOT EVEN.

It has been a good year since they had them, and honestly, I am just so happy they are offering them again on Saturdays. The donuts are light and fluffy, coated in sugar, and filled with cream. Just enough sweetness but not overly so. I am a FIEND for filled donuts, and Chef Doug makes them so well. If I could eat them every day I would.

Definitely worth a visit during your donut escapades so head on over a Saturday very soon and check them out! Plus you can grab breakfast or lunch while you are at it!



The Maven


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