Puerto Rico Day 2 | Seven Seas,Coconuts & Sarongs

Sitting here smelling mangoes and waiting for the blistering heat to arrive I want to share Day 2 of my trip here in PR.

Day 2 of my trip was every bit as great as Day 1. For food yesterday we stayed in and mom made Tostones de Pana which are these little pancake like things made out of a vegetable here in Puerto Rico that grows in the back. They are wonderful. She also made white rice and lobster with a super flavorful broth she made with an herb form the back yard called “recao”.

This leaf is very earthy, and has a strong flavor and smell but when cut up and mixed with garlic it is wonderful.

We then went to visit family I hadn’t seen in 11 years and that was fantastic. ┬áSeeing everyone and how things have progressed through out the years.

Afterwards we headed to Seven Seas a place in Fajardo, PR there was a beautiful beach and places for souvenirs and this is where I went into the water, got some sun and bought my first “island girl” sarong. I was such a tourist.

The water was cool and beautiful and the sun felt great. Took a lot of great pictures and then went to a souvenir shop and bought a sarong on display. The guy helped me wrap it. It was great fun.

On the way back home we stopped at a place called DrumBar and the owner cut up coconuts for us she was fantastic. Her name was Adriatna and she gave us the most amazing sweet coconuts. Great hydration after a long day.

Had a fantastic time with my mom and uncle and truly had a wonderful second day.

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