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I arrived in Puerto Rico yesterday after 11 years of not visiting my birth place. I flew here with my mom and was amazed as we were driving back from the airport how much was different but also how much was the same. The things I remembered as a child like a sign, or some red cliffs.

As we’re driving and we were about halfway to my grandparents house we came upon a sign, “Ponylandia” as a seven year old I came here for my birthday and rode a pony. It was so cool that I got out of the car my mom asked permission and I took a photo…


It was definitely a throwback to some 20 years ago but I felt like a kid again!!

We stopped again for a second time for breakfast and let me tell you, this places was wonderful. If you ever come to PR don’t get drawn in by all the expensive restaurants that promise amazing food, go in wards a bit and find gems like the one I went to yesterday.

El Meson Sandwiches, I got a mallorca which is a type of bread sprinkled with powdered sugar with ham and cheese. Warmed. Let me tell you amazing!  My mom had this amazing sandwich with bacon egg and cheese. We also had these little coffees of traditional macchiatos. Extremely potent. Everything was less than 8 dollars total.



This place gets a five out of five for me.

I managed to do so much yesterday because of how early we got in. After surprising my grandparents after five years of not seeing them and spending time with them we got lunch… And wow! We tried this place called Mr. Pollo BBQ they state they are the best at what they do. The food was outstanding and cheap!!! We got food for four people for 20 dollars. I ate roasted chicken and yucca with garlic and onions. Superb. This meal was completed with a Malta and a mini¬† Cheese Flan I shared with my mom. Again if you go into the island a bit more you find things! Both of these places were in Fajardo



After this we got some beach time and after a long trip and wait at the airport it was exactly what we needed. The air was cooler and breezing and the sand therapeutic. I’ll be going to a different beach today but this one was close by and wonderful. Playa Los Machos Ceiba.

Live wonderfully,



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