Puerto Rico Day 3 | Defense at El Morro San Juan

In all my years as a Puerto Rican and having been born in PR and lived here and visited  I never went to Old San Juan and never visited El Morro. It is one of the older European settlements established back in the 1400{s and was used as a defense to outside ships. This place is truly beautiful. History as always been something I love and everything time I step foot in a place like this I get taken back.

Looking out the towers, roaming the grounds, looking at the prisons where they kept the enemy soldiers it was truly fantastic. Old San Juan or Viejo San Juan was beautiful as well. Cobblestoned streets, vintage buildings, street plaques with names, old little shops. This place was teeming with adventure.

I came here with my mom and my cousin and we had an outstanding time. They have so many restaurants and so many nifty places to go shopping you can get lost. My advice if you go is to go early, explore and get lost. Find a great place to eat, enjoy the history and the people.

I will let the pictures do the rest of the story!

Find the Explorer in you,


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