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Our Fathers recently opened up and is expanding the perception of what it means to eat “modern Jewish cooking”. Before last night I had never really had any Jewish food nor did I know the spices, the flavors etc that entailed Jewish cooking. They take the dining experience a step further by experimenting with cuisine that flows from traditional Ashkenazi Jewish deli foods to the bold flavors & spices of Sephardic Jews & Mizrahi Jews. This flavor experimentation was showcased in every dish we ordered in a way so subtle yet bold.

Another unique thing about them? Their bar takes gin cocktails to a whole new level. They have over 30 gin cocktails (plus they have almost 100 gins from all over the world) and I have to say in all honesty I hadn’t really had a gin cocktail until I went to Our Fathers last night. I was blown away by the meticulous crafting and fresh flavors of each drink I tried- The Pink Lady and Southside: each different in their own way and full of flavor.

With their attention to detail, outstanding service and their delight in serving wonderful plates, they will definitely be appreciated by those who love to try new things and experience a new cuisine. This was the perfect place to meet up with other fellow bloggers last night and I cant wait to go back!

Oh, and don’t forget their takeout shop right next door where they have sandwiches, take home meals and fresh bagels and bread!

So now on to the pictures of the food- we ordered something from almost every part of the menu which was great because we experienced several different parts of their cuisine plus some desserts for the table.

Drinks: Pink Lady & Southside

Gin, applejack, lemon, grenadine, & egg white: Floral, just a touch of citrus

Southside: Gin, lime, demerara & mint- Fresh & citrusy!


Special of the night was a Ricotta Dip w/honey(this had a savory component as well) along with their Markouk bread)

Small Plates:

Spinach Bourekas: Local farm cheese & dukkah- so flavorful and delicious

Octopus: red pepper, preserved lemon & olive- super tender and savory

Lamb on Cinnamon Sticks: Tehina, pomegranate seeds- incredibly aromatic, loved the sweetness of the Pomegranate

Handcut Specialties:

Handcut sampler plate: Corned beef & pastrami tasting, along with mustard, pickles & bread- easily one of my favorites of the evening. so delicious and juicy.

Cod Loin: walnut tarator, lemon & fumet-beautiful dish and amazing sauce


Baked Sweet Potato:  nigella & schug: spicy, sweet & perfectly cooked


Halvah: This dessert is made from sesame, the one we had last night was infused with spices & some honey. So different and yummy!

New York Style Cheesecake w/ Kumquat & Cranberry Compote- Incredible

Have you tried some new cuisine lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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*Please note some information came from their about page on their website 🙂


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