Mandarin Asian Bistro | Lowell, MA

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of dining at Mandarin Asian Bistro with Roosevelt and some friends. They recently opened in Downtown Lowell and have quickly become one of my favorite places to order take out from. This was my first time dining in and it was a wonderful experience. We were quickly ushered in and we sat at the bar.

Our bartender was extremely friendly and was quick to recommend several different menu items to us as well as recommend a sweet wine: “Plum Wine” which was extraordinary. So good in fact that after a glass was ordered, our two friends also each ordered a glass.

He also recommended a Sushi dish not on the menu after learning that I liked Sushi. It was called “Iron Tuna” and it was superb. Different than other types of sushi I had before. It was all Tuna but prepared differently and rolled up. A piece of seared Tuna was wrapped around a tuna filling that had roe and then topped with a wonderful spicy sauce. The seared Tuna had this wonderful bacon- like texture and was very fresh tasting.

I also ordered their Wonton Soup and Scallion Pancakes; both were wonderful. The flavors of the sauce with the Scallion Pancakes were so good. Roosevelt had their House Lo Mein and said that it was also very good. (This has a mixture of different meats)

We also decided to share their Deep Fried Vanilla Ice Cream, I have to say so far my favorite one in the Lowell area!

I was incredibly impressed with our Bartender’s service as well as everyone else who worked there. constantly refilling our drinks, the recommendations, the service and conversation. I am so glad I chose to eat in because it was such a different experience, even though their take out is always phenomenal as well. Also another note, the Sushi Chef was super friendly, as we were leaving he wanted to make sure we liked the Iron Tuna, and of course we said yes!

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So glad they are in our very own backyard “DTL” and will definitely be coming back and I encourage everyone else to check them out if you are in the area!

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