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I believe in the power of baked goods.

My meeting Kristi, the lovely owner and baker of Kristi’s Heavenly Peach Cobbler was really by chance. I go to Atlanta every year, and every year I find something new and someone new. Our friends, who live there connected us to Kristi because I wanted to taste the cobbler after seeing a post on social media. She hand delivered a fresh cobbler to the house and I instantly fell in love.

Baking has been one of my favorite pastimes for as long as I can remember. I have a huge sweet tooth so I find happiness often through having something sweet and baked. Kristi’s Cobbler came through in more ways than one. I have never had a cobbler quite like hers and every aspect of it was perfect. Just by the way she spoke about it I knew how high her standards were and the quality of her work. Once I had a bite? Yeah I was sold.

I also feel it is so important to highlight members of the community with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Kristi speaks her truth through her cooking and baking plus she serves her community by doing what she loves. She represents both black owned businesses and women owned businesses which makes me believe in the future, not just the future of other women of color but my own future! As a woman of color myself I love seeing women in business who are strong and have their voices heard. It inspires me to continue this path I have chosen for myself and helps me to inspire others as well.

I had a chance to ask Kristi a few questions about her business and I wanted to take some time to share that with you all. I hope you all will reach out when you’re in the mood for cobbler ( you should always been in the mood for cobbler) order from her and keep her business thriving! We are the future!

Q & A with Kristi of Kristi’s Heavenly Peach Cobbler

Q:What caused you to start Kristi’s Heavenly Cobbler?

A: Been making cobblers since I was 4 years old. I’ve always enjoyed it but really began to enjoyed when I had to create alternative ways to make it due to an onset of food allergies. My friends, family, church folks, everybody would always request my cobblers and talk about how good they were to the point I found myself making more than 4 large cobblers a week. I then decided it’s time to invest more in what I love, hence calling myself the cobbler queen.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with this business?

A: My hope is to serve the community and surrounding states a delicious vegan friendly cobbler. After building my brand, I would like to purchase a food truck and soon a store front thereafter.

Q: What do you hope to achieve within your community?

A: I plan to have multiple giveaways not only of my cobbler but other items and initiatives to serve the surrounding community.

Q: What are the challenges you have faced if any by starting a small, woman owned business?

A: Most challenges have come with waiting on proper permits and licensing in order to be involved in the community. The rest of the challenges come from making sure I’m meeting the demand of the product and maintaining the quality and taste .

Q: What inspires you to cook/bake?

A: I love to eat and I love preparing food and watching others enjoy it. I have turn my allergies from a negative to a positive with allowing it to inspire me to be more creative in the kitchen.

Q: What are some fun facts about you?

A: I love animals and if I had a second career it would have been a meteorologist.

Q: What are some other things you would like readers to know about Kristi’s Heavenly Cobbler?

A: I take pride in making sure that although sometimes vegan is associated with not having an as tasteful product, this cobbler is guaranteed to satisfy every taste bud. It’s made with love and from the heart. Nothing makes me happier than to see people enjoy eating Kristi’s Heavenly peach cobbler.

She has a variety of sizes available for sale plus the cobbler is allergy friendly. Vegan friendly as well! Not only is there regular peach cobbler but something called “peachless” peach cobbler. What is that you may ask? Well it has extra dough bits ( which is the best part honestly) and is so decadent.

Here are some photos from her website and I’ve included my own when I tried it for the first time as well!

All wrapped up and ready to go

Look at that deliciousness

All different sizes available!

Met Kristi & got some Peachless Cobbler!

Literal perfection

Huge thank you to Kristi for taking the time to answer my questions and tell me a bit about her journey. Please go to her website and her social media pages to see how you can get some of this cobbler!


Eating well,

Life as a Maven



  1. I love that you support your local business. Such a great interview. The cobbler looks amazing!

    1. Thanks so much. I love highlighting local businesses everywhere I go!

  2. I need the recipe on this! YUM

    1. Don’t think she will give out her recipe haha, but you can buy some from her!

  3. I’m a sucker for cobbler! I’ll have to check Kristi’s out for the holiday season. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Its soooooo addictive! Definitely check her out! She ships! Thanks for stopping by

  4. OMG! This all sounds so delicious and Ill have to find her secret recipe!! Thanks for sharing love! xo

    1. Of course! Thanks for stopping by!

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