What to do on a 3 Day Vacation to Atlanta

 “Wanderlust: n. a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world”

I can say without any doubt that I have severe wanderlust. I crave exploration, learning about new foods, and taking it as much as I can in this life I have. Atlanta provides this for me every time I go; something new each time I go with new experiences to talk about. Travel is so much more than hopping in a car, bus, train or airplane. It is about immersing yourself in the experiences that surround you when you go.

There is a lot to do in Atlanta, and I didn’t get to do nearly enough. This guide includes places to go but also tips to make your life easier while you’re there. Hopefully after reading this and my Atlanta Foodie Guide you will have some options of what you want to do and eat while you’re in town.

  • Go outside of Atlanta

Why do I say this? Well there are some pretty stellar restaurants and findings outside of Atlanta proper. We went to a restaurant about 30 minutes outside of ATL and loved it so much we went twice. Do your research!

—> Pro Tip | Check out Nana’s Chicken n Waffles in Conyers Georgia

  • Visit Martin Luther King National Park | Click here for details

This place is filled with history. From visiting MLK Jr.s church to the house he was born in it is an awe-inspiring place. One of my personal favorites was walking in the footsteps of those who were part of the fight of civil rights. When you are walking from the parking lot to one of the buildings there are these footprints in the pavement with the names. This place is incredibly interactive and teaches you the history of the civil rights movements that were happening during his time.

—> Pro Tip | Wear comfortable shoes, you have to walk quite a bit to see everything

  • Lenox Square Mall | Click here for details

I love the fashion choices I have in Atlanta. Lenox Square is one of my favorite malls. I always buy something new when I go. People know how to dress in ATL and this mall showcases that. The style choices are many and there is something for everyone. They also have an incredible food court which had a little cafe that sold the cutest donuts ( so you know I am a goner)

—> Pro Tip | Its a huge mall, come prepared to send a couple hours and make sure to look at the maps- it gets confusing

  • Go searching for street art

There is some incredible street art in Atlanta. I only managed to see some of it, but it was amazing. Other places you can find it are at the Beltline which I didn’t get to go to!

—> Pro Tip | Keep a look out, there was street art everywhere I just didn’t get to capture it.

  • Visit Zoo Atlanta | Click here for details

Zoo Atlanta was nice enough to provide me with tickets for me and my family during this trip. It is one of my favorite zoos. They have Panda’s. ( GASP) I love Panda’s and love learning about them. They are just so chill. Plus this Zoo is huge and there is a lot to do with the family, there are play areas for the little ones, learning centers, cafes etc. There is lots to do here and you can easily spend a few hours with the family. Check it out! (Thank you to Zoo Atlanta for the great experience!)

—> Pro Tip | Wear a hat and/or suncreen if you come out on a very sunny day like we did. Also comfortable walking shoes!

  • Go find a good barbecue spot

I have a thing with looking for a barbecue spot every time I go to Atlanta. Southern BBQ is honestly in my opinion the best so I look for a different place every time I go. Last year it was Das BBQ and this year it was Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, both of which have a special place in my heart. Southern barbecue is incredibly amazing and I crave it every year until I am back in the south. Try it!

—> Pro Tip | Do a little digging, a little research and you will find a delicious spot for authentic southern barbecue.

  • Dress for the weather

I go to Atlanta in September and it is usually incredibly hot and humid even then. Go prepared. Bring light clothing, walking sandals ( or sneakers) and a hat if needed to protect your skin. Atlanta is a big open city and walking gets you many places. So make sure you are prepared!

—> Pro Tip | Shorts, graphic tees/tanks & sundresses are lovely in this weather!

Hope you all enjoyed my little travel guide to Atlanta!

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  1. I have a sister that just moved to Atlanta so I’ll have to send this to her. I would definitely want to visit the MLK house!

    1. Yes its a must!

  2. Thanks for the great tips, I have not explored Atlanta, just passed through from connecting flights.

    1. Its a great place to visit. Lots of history!

  3. So cute!!! I’ve never been to Atlanta but I’ve always wanted to visit! Definitely using this post as a guide when I go <3 Thanks for sharing!!


    1. It’s definitely worth a visit. So much to do there!

  4. I didn’t even know that all of these options existed in Atlanta! Thanks for sharing.

    Megan | http://www.styledbymegan.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. You went to MLK’s house?! So cool!


    1. Yes it was so cool and inspiring.

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