Italian Musings at Humanity Boutique

“In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly recreating myself” – Unknown

It’s been a couple weeks since I got back Italy, but every memory, every experience and every outfit worn and seen is still at the forefront of my mind. Fashion in Italy is second nature, they dress impeccably as a matter of habit with pops of color, layers, accessories and perfectly fitted to them. When walking around the different cities it was incredible to see people of all ages comfortable in what they wore and confident in their taste.

While I love fashion and style sometimes I hit a snag. Most days its “What do I wear”? In New England its  “What should I wear for the weather today.”? (haha) Italian fashion inspired me to be a little more out there but also not try too hard. Sometimes outfits just go together; you put it on and it works. Other times a little digging to find the right complimenting piece gets the outfit to where you want it. Either way, the way you feel about yourself is more important than anything else and for me what I wear shows a part of my personality.

I love finding unique pieces that are different than others and not everyone in the world has them. That’s important to me for my own individuality. Humanity Boutique in Lowell has proven to be my gem whenever I am looking for something specific, unique or just want to shop.  After coming back I wanted to look at the outfits I could put together with older pieces from the boutique, new pieces and pieces I brought with me from Italy.

Every look is some extension of what I saw and was inspired by. Take a visit to Humanity and find your own inspiration!

Check out the looks below and stay tuned for upcoming blog posts!

Lace Skirt- Humanity Vintage, Dusty Rose top (NEW) can be worn tucked in or out.

Large Satchel is perfect for carrying on public transportation!


Off the Shoulder flared top is feminine/flirty, ripped jeans give a bit of an edge to the outfit. Statement necklace gives the whole outfit a pop

Tie front Maxi has a beautiful silhouette, satchel provides that extra bit of storage you need on weekends at the beach & pop of color. Sunglasses are the finishing touch

Jean embroidered tank-tucked into ripped jeans, with a light overcoat that can be tied or not. Pink Asics from Persona boutique provide interesting pop of color

Delight in what you wear!

This midi length dress is travel ready, comfortable and versatile you can throw a sweater over it and completely change the look. In Italy I saw many women wear dresses with sneaks- this dress would look great like that.

This Romper/Dress takes layering to another level, the layers are built in and provide femininity and versatility with one fell swoop

Add the hat for that extra pop!

Life as a Maven



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