Grand Tasting – The Lowell Food & Wine Festival

As a volunteer/food blogger this year for the Lowell Food & Wine Festival I was able to experience a different side of the event. Setting up, helping our vendors, and seeing the crowds get excited as it became closer to event time were all a wonderful way to show me how things are behind the scenes.

This year we had a larger number of vendors, and many wineries and breweries. I tried my best to eat every single thing, from every single vendor because I wanted to get a sense of all the different flavors many of our local restaurants provide so I could share my experience fully with all of you. In the middle of all of this I was setting up for the Lowell Chopped Competition which I was judging (a later post) and super excited about because this year we had four chefs instead of two but more on that later.

Middle St is one of my favorite streets in Lowell, cobblestones line the street and is reminiscent of an old Lowell and is filled with so much history. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked up and down this street either going to a restaurant, getting my hair done or simply just strolling along completely enjoying every minute. Having the event on this street was perfect, people could go up and down to each booth, take in the beauty of the city and enjoy themselves.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from the event, so much good food and I was incredibly happy to join this year and experience it from all angles. Gabby at Made in Lowell pushed us all harder to really give the community a fantastic event and it turned out wonderful!


Fuse Bistro


Watermelon Salsa was incredible


Setting up at Bishops Legacy Restaurant booth


The spicy pickle was yummy


Chuck Saba, Owner  of Bishops having a good time


Eggroll Cafe, their first year!


Creamy goodness – Crab Rangoon Eggroll


Spinach & Feta Eggroll


My favorite, Downeast Cider they had PUMPKIN which was perfection


Lovely ladies from Margaritas Nashua


Mini Taco Bowl – delightful


Beautiful Middle St


More Middle St views


110 Grill with their two options!


I chose the Walnut Goat Cheese salad, very good


Galeria Cafe, their first year as well!


Their amazing Maracuya (Passion Fruit) Quesillo (Custard)


Gormley’s Cafe, also their first year in the festival!


Corned Beef Hash Frittata, superb


The Braised Beef slider from Umass Lowell Inn & Conference Center

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on the Lowell Chopped Competition!

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