For the Love of Coffee

One of my favorite scents for candles is “Espresso”. I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee, the drip drip as it brews. I love all things coffee and I’m willing to try almost any flavor combination.

I used to be a Starbucks junkie, not proud of it but I was I then shifted to all things local because I believe in the importance of supporting small businesses. In Lowell and the surrounding cities there are so many small coffee shops, and they are good;really good. Thus my decision for writing a blog post all about coffee.

Yesterday was National Coffee Day and for one day everyone shared their Coffee pictures and selfies and I wanted to take all my coffee experiences and tell you which ones I think are some of the best. Believe me, I drink Coffee a lot. Even in the summer when everyone wants an Iced something I love a wonderfully made hot Latte. 🙂


Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus – Caramel Sauce Latte & Nutter Butter Latte

Coffee & Cotton – Macchiato

La Qchara-Cubano

Eggroll Cafe– Caramel Latte (with a spooky ghost for Halloween)

Pressed Cafe-Regular Latte

Also included in the collage of pictures is my Mom’s coffee. I don’t know how she does it and I can never make it quite like her. Its amazing and always keeps me awake! The secret’s of Mom’s 🙂 🙂

I look forward to this Autumn and all the exciting things that are going to happen. Let me know your favorite Coffee Shop where you live or anywhere else. Support Local and enjoy life!



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