Foodies at The Farm Market

Today I went to another event at Mill No. 5 called “Foodies at the Farm Market…so as a Foodie I just had to go! I love finding new things to implement into my recipes and into my cooking and events like this bring local businesses together and let me meet new people to network with and learn new ways to incorporate flavors.

I love that Mill No. 5 hosts Bazaars and  Farmers Markets to bring this to us which has normally been in other cities and not as easily accessible as this one is.

Hope you enjoy the different items purchased and hope next time they do this which is December 13th, next Sunday you will go out and support them all. There were so many more I didn’t have a chance to check out but these were pretty great and I cannot wait to incorporate into some flavorful recipes. Thanks to all of you for all your help, explaining everything and suggestions!

Lyndigo Spice

I got an amazing Pineapple Chutney that would be perfect for a nice Roast chicken, stir fry or to put in a nice savory/sweet rice. I also bought the original spice rub that is simply fantastic. So much flavor with low sodium and low sugar.

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Purple Carrot Bread Company

They make the most wonderful artisan breads, also jams, butters etc. I bought a Triple Berry Jam today that is so, so, so good. It was absolutely perfect. Definitely check them out when you go to Mill No. 5 for the Farm Market. Good stuff!


Alex’s Ugly Sauce

I got into this sauce without even trying the actual bottled hot sauce. Corn & Co¬†has a popcorn called “Alex’s Ugly Corn” that implements the original Ugly Sauce and it is so addicting I just needed a bottle of the actual stuff. Super happy to have been able to grab a bottle.

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Fantastic day today, I will make sure to post all the recipes I make that incorporate allt hese amazing things I bought today.

Eat Local. Shop Local.Support Local. Build Local. Market Local



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