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On a corner in Chinatown, Boston I was introduced to some of the best late night  food I have ever had. Double Chin is the name of this joint and not only do they  take “Asian Fusion” to a whole other level they do it in a fun, inviting environment that makes you want to stay all night. From Adult Capri “Funs” to a Strawberry Donut Bomb, literally every craving I could have possibly had was checked off in one trip.

I am an adventurer, sometimes I just take random trips to Boston to eat… Plus I love Chinatown- the smell of the fresh baked goods oh yes and those Dumpling houses (that post will come later) 🙂 The second we walked in we were quickly ushered to the table. My mind went in a million different directions after taking just one look at their HUGE menu. I mean literally it was so large that whatever you want to eat will probably be on the menu. We decided on the following items for the two of us…

  • Sake Soju Flight
  • Adult Capri Fun
  • Peking Duck Fries
  • Skillet Mac & Cheese
  • Lobster Rangoon
  • Strawberry Donut Bomb

I am sure you are thinking right about now “OMG that is so much food for two people” – no not really. We were super hungry and all the portions were perfect to share for two people.

So lets get started on these flavors….

Uhm, the cutest sign!

All of these drinks can be made non-alcoholic

Sake Soju Flight: Lychee, Strawberry, Green Apple & Passionfruit.

The Lychee & Passionfruit were my favorites!

There I am with a Capri “Fun”

Lobster Rangoon- hot and crispy with loads of flavor!

My favorite of the night! Peking Duck Fries- I couldn’t get enough.

Skillet Mac & Cheese: Bacon, Scallions, Panko, & tons of cheese

Such a cool dessert, crispy on the outside with a decadent custard filling.

Drizzled with condensed milk…YES

Swinging on this adorable little swing they had.


All in all I had a great visit to Double Chin in Boston, I can’t wait to go back and try some more of their delicious food!


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