Stepping out in Style with Two Stylish Sisters

“Jewelry is like the perfect spice, it always compliments whats already there.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

In a recent sit down with Aubrey & Nicole from Two Stylish Sisters I had the opportunity to revel in gorgeous, handmade jewelry and get to know them a bit more. Based in Massachusetts they have recently opened up a shop in Western Ave Studios a local spot for artists to come together and showcase their wares.

It was a Sunday afternoon filled with laughter, good conversation and a glass of wine (or two) 🙂 They have set up their shop beautifully, with care to details such as vintage jewelry boxes that came from their grandmother or wooden pieces that were handmade by Aubrey’s husband that compliment the displayed pieces perfectly. From making sure their customers who come in are always made to feel welcome, to crafting their jewelry these two boss ladies have taken the meaning of “small business” to a new level, keep reading to hear what they had to say…

Question: What inspires each of you?

A: I am such a color person when shopping for rocks. I get so much inspiration from the different colors that I see.

N: A lot of my inspiration comes from texture- for example, quartz and its spikes. I just love how textures interact together.

Question: What is your vision for Two Stylish Sisters?

A: I think learning to metalsmith would be amazing because it would give us a chance to express ourselves in a more creative way which is what we want.

N: I would also love to learn how to metalsmith, I think learning to set stones so we can create a whole new line would be the next step.

Question: Favorite Band/Musician?

A: David Bowie

N: I love badass women like Beyonce, Stevie Nicks; just strong females.

Both: Our childhood is Motown and Soul so we still love those sounds as well.

Question: What makes you feel feminine?

A: Being myself in the strongest way possible. The most concentrated version of myself. Individuality.

N: The ability to be soft and strong at the same time. I mean look at motherhood- to have a child requires so much resilience but when raising a child you require a softness and nurturing.

Question: Favorite Food?

A: I love Indian Food

N: I have a huge sweet tooth, so breakfast food is a big must for me, like waffles!

Question: what would you say is your favorite piece of clothing?

A: I have a coat collection…why? Why not, they are so cool and pretty. I am a maximalist, ornate pieces/weird pieces. I love to mix all sorts of things together

N: I am more edgy, with classic rock and roll elements. Leather and ripped tights.

Question: Favorite Activity?

A: Shopping would be my number one and eating. Also reading and of course making jewelry.

N: Hiking, being in nature. Listening to music and dancing

These sisters are yin and yang and perfectly describe themselves as polar opposites. This makes their business unique and inspiring- pulling elements from each other and creating soft, edgy, rock & roll jewelry.

Check out the pictures to see their delicious jewelry and make sure to check them out during Shop Small Saturday November 25th!

Great wooden displays, with dainty jewels

Love this aesthetic


These earrings have such cool features…

Love this detail! Heirloom 🙂

Check out that wall!

The details are just so beautiful in both of these pieces


Right outside their shop- love the display

The two sisters and I

The pop of color these bracelets have is so pretty!


Livin that Maven Life…..




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