Boston Public Market-Day 1 Adventures

This was my first time visiting Boston Public Market on Hanover St in Boston. I fell in love, didn’t get to see everything in one visit but tried some things that i really enjoyed and bought some fantastic products!

Homemade Mozzarella

Donuts from Union Square Donuts

Triple Berry Jam

Merlot Jam

Baked goods from Swissbakers

Spicy Farmers Cheese

I was able to see Sweet Lydia’s which was home grown in Lowell and then they got a space at BPM after a very successful Kickstarter program. We sampled the Mocha Marshmallows. YUM.

Loved the atmosphere and the home grown feel of the place even though there were a ton of vendors. My foodie heart was in heaven. 🙂


For dinner with went to an Argentinian/Italian Fusion restaurant called Dicor in N.Andover. Highlights of the meal were:

Beef and Chicken Empanadas

Chicken Saltimboca


Dulce De Leche Flan

The restaurant itself was empty but this weekend is extremely cold and many people weren’t out and about like we crazy people were 🙂

Decent meal, very nice people. The Italian side of things could use some work, but the overall feel of the place was very nice.

On to tomorrow another day of adventures!




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