3 Summer Popsicles You Can Easily Make at Home

It’s August. Yes, I know it’s going too fast. While stores are already promoting back to school deals I am still trying to figure out how much more I can fit in before it gets chilly again.

In lieu of that, I decided this week to make lots of yummy summer recipes. The first few¬† I’m going to share with you are several flavors of refreshing healthy Popsicles.

Of course, you would need a popsicle mold but these are easily attainable at stores such as Home goods or you can go to Amazon where I bought mine. These worked out really well for me.


All of these are easy and simple but taste like you spent a long time preparing the ingredients.

Pineapple Mojito
Berry Berry
Watermelon Crush

For the Pineapple, blend fresh Pineapple and fresh mint until liquid. Pour into mold. I did about half a cup of Pineapple and three leaves of fresh mint.

For the Berry Berry, blend fresh raspberries, the juice from fresh limes until pureed, and put fresh blueberries in the mold and fill with raspberry mixture.
I did about half a cup of fresh raspberries and two tablespoons of lime juice.

For the Watermelon Crush, blend juice from fresh limes, fresh watermelon, and a hint of mint. I put half a leaf of mint, two tablespoons of lime juice and two large watermelon wedges.




Perfect treat for that hot Summer day or night.





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